Thursday, August 22, 2019

NOVA Open 2019: Age of Sigmar Event Packs

Hey Everyone!  Today I wanted to do a brief post to share the links for all the great NOVA Open Age of Sigmar events I talked about on Tuesday.  There is a large variety between each event, but they are all well worth a look and if you are still on the fence about jumping in on one there is space available in a few of these events.  You can always jump on the waitlist as well if the event you wish to join is sold out in case a spot opens up the day of the event.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

NOVA Open 2019: Just Over One Week Away!

Hey Everyone!  We are just one week (and a few days) away from NOVA Open 2019 and all the fun it promises!  Today I wanted to share some information about all the great Age of Sigmar Events happening over the event.  If you haven’t been keeping up we added a lot more events to give everyone as much time as they wish to play in the Mortal Realms and maximize the table space we have all weekend long.  Some even have spots left open if you are wanting to join in!

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Hobby Table: 8-15-19

Hey Everyone!  Recently I put up a tweet detailing out a goal I am setting for myself that is due to begin this autumn.  I am a wargamer who tends to never really finish an army as I often make impulse buys to an army I have well past the 2000point mark.  Due to this I often tend to have a few units sitting on my shelf that are built and likely primed, but not painted.  These have become eyesores as the bleak grey stands out in stark contrast to my painted army as they sit side by side.  My goal is to finally break the habit and completed all of these built and unpainted models.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Review: Warcry, My First Impressions

Hey Everyone!  This past weekend I was able to finally dive into my first games of Warcry alongside my good friend Matt.  Today I want to talk a bit about how the games went and my overall impressions after a day battling in the shadow of the Varenspire.  Overall I can say I quite enjoyed the game as it is quick, simple to pick up, and has good depth in strategy the more games I played.  It won’t replace Age of Sigmar as my primary game, but I plan to pack a small force with me in my army bags going forward for pick up games at the many events I attend.  Let's dive into the Battles!