Tuesday, January 14, 2020

The Secret to Painting Dark Angels...in a week!

Hey Everyone!  I hope you have been well since my last blog post.  I thas been quite a while, but I can assure I have been busy hobbying!  While I won’t go into detail about everything that went on, I do want to talk about a recent Warhammer 40,000 Dark Angel army I speed painted, and I am quite proud of how it turned out in such a short amount of time.  This project was a long time coming as about a year ago I decided to reprime all my Dark Angels to give them a fresher paint job using all my current skills.  For some reason, the project died quickly and they sat in a box until I got that itch to knock them out.  Today I wanted to share how I painted the army so quickly while also getting back on the content train with the post!

Friday, December 6, 2019

The M&M Wargame

Hey everyone!  Today I want to share a game with you all that was taught to me by my grandfather well before I knew anything about wargaming.  In hindsight this was likely a tactic to help me entertain myself while visiting my grandparents, but it truly was my first wargame and after showing a few folks at a recent event, who really enjoyed it, I wanted to take some time to teach the game here on my blog (and possibly on my YouTube channel at a later date) for you all to enjoy.  I present to you the rules for the M&M Wargame!

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Tyrion: Strength of The Light

Tyrion, a god of light, leader of the Asur, descendent of Aenarion, twin of Teclis, beloved of Alarielle, and a once Avatar of Khaine.  Tyrion has been a key character in The World That Was shaping the destiny of an entire race and has been slowly been making moves in The Mortal Realms.  He fell from grace during the events of The End Times only to be saved, body and soul, by his brother Teclis.  While Tyrion would fail to stop the ending of The World That Was he would retain his mantle of Avatar of Light and be make it through the chaos portal and awake in The Mortal Realms alongside his brother. They awoke as the gods of Light with their connection was even deeper as Tyrion would find himself blind, but able to see through his brother’s eyes.  His plans are still a bit of a mystery in The Age of Sigmar, but he has a deep history and has helped to trap Slaanesh there is no doubt his power will shape the realms in the future.  He is a strong character and his story is worth telling.

Friday, November 8, 2019

Holy Havoc 2019 Event Impressions

Hey Everyone!  This past weekend I attended one of the greatest Age of Sigmar Narrative events in the world, Holy Havoc alongside my good friend Matt, who was bringing his Kharadron Overlords.  It was a doubles format with lots of great hobbyists putting their effort on display as we battled on the best tables I have ever seen.  I won’t be doing a blow by blow of every battle, but I will touch on some of the great narrative moments that happened to Tayrathi and her Daughters of Khaine over the weekend.  There were a number of great moments that happened as the dice were rolled over the five games