Monday, August 29, 2022

Weekly Hobby Update 8.29.22

Hello everyone!  As I mentioned in my last Hobby Update I am moving these weekly posts to Mondays to better separate them from the weekly podcast you can find on our YouTube and your favorite podcast feeds.  While these Hobby Update will be shorter than most, it gets everything lined up much better for all the content I wish to bring to you.  Check out my week in Warhammer after the break.

Friday, August 26, 2022

Strength Hammer Podcast Episode 27 - A Fresher and Focused Format


Weekly Hobby Update 8.26.22

 Happy Friday Everyone!  It is time for another Weekly Hobby Update about my week in Warhammer.  As a quick heads up, I plan to move this regular post from Friday to Monday.  This move is twofold to allow my weekend gaming to be fresher in my head for some small write-ups and because The Strength Hammer Podcast is returning!  The reformatted Strength Hammer Podcast will be posted on Fridays starting later this very day so please look forward to it.  Until then enjoy the hobby update after the break.

Friday, August 19, 2022

Weekly Hobby Update 8.19.22

 Hey Everyone!  Welcome back to another Weekly Hobby Update!  It was a surprising whirlwind this week with lots of building, painting, and gaming!  Wood Elves to Dark Elves, even a Roman Pig crossed my hobby desk this week!  Check out it all after the break!

Friday, August 12, 2022

Weekly Hobby Update - 8.12.22

 Hey Everyone!  Today marks the return of my Weekly Hobby Update where I take you through my week in Warhammer Hobby!  You can expect these hobby updates every Friday going forward in time to read through the post with your morning coffee.  This past week has been all about Warhammer Fantasy Battles as the old bug has bitten me and more than a few locals.  From touching up my old armies to some unexpected acquisitions.  My Daughters of Khaine, fresh off their hobby win last weekend, looked on all week as I played with square bases, as shown in the picture below. Check it out after the break!

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Steel City Grand Tournament 2022 Event Recap

 Hey Everyone!  This past weekend I was able to attend a local Grand Tournament here in Pittsburgh, PA.  The Steel City GT 2022 was a great success in one of the best Hobby Shops/Venues in the area, The Fabricators Forge.  The Event was attended by 26 players who were both local and from cross the country to create an excellent weekend of Age of Sigmar.  Congrats to Bill Souza for The Event Win and Jake L'Ecuyer for taking Best Painted as well as all the winners!  I am thankful to be counted among them for earning 2nd Best Painted and Best Display Board at the event as well!  Check out my games below after the break and see how my Daughters of Khaine faired in the current meta!

Friday, August 5, 2022

On Wings of Blood and Miracles

Hey Everyone!  Today I am very pleased to bring you a new chapter in the saga of Tayrathi with some new lore all about her newest recruit into The Tayrathian Cult!  Liliia Blood-Bonded as you see below is an Anointed on Flamespyre Phoenix as far as rules go, but in lore, she is a Sorceress on a Blood Phoenix.  This model was an idea I had for my model to bring to Realms At War: Aethermy so long ago but was not brave enough o do it at the time.  The timing finally felt right as I head to the Steel City GT Tournament and wanted to create something truly unique.  I hope you enjoy the lore below and happy hobbying!

Thursday, August 4, 2022

The Return of the Strength Hammer Blog

 Hello everyone!  I am finally coming back from my content break and I am happy to say you can expect regular blog posts once again!  During my break I really started to miss writing for my blog on a regular basis (not to mention returning to older posts to fix all those broken images as I find the time), but didn't want to overcommit my time, but I believe I found a balance of regular content that is enjoyable and quick to do mixed with more in depth articles you have seen here before!