Friday, August 19, 2022

Weekly Hobby Update 8.19.22

 Hey Everyone!  Welcome back to another Weekly Hobby Update!  It was a surprising whirlwind this week with lots of building, painting, and gaming!  Wood Elves to Dark Elves, even a Roman Pig crossed my hobby desk this week!  Check out it all after the break!

Having picked up a Dark Elves last week at the Fabricators Forge Event in their extensive used model section.  Hellebron and a Bloodwrack Medesua now join the ranks of my Dark Elf army collection.  I painted them up very simply to try and match my older painting style to let these blend in much better with the army.  I also was gifted my third (yup...third) Roman Pig for my Warhammer Ancients army!  They are a fun thing to mix in with my much more human Romans for some fun historical gaming.  Last, but not least, I finished painting all my extra Wood Elves and managed to complete the rebasing on the entire force.  Being such a nice day when I accomplished this task I took them outside for a photo op!

Having built and painted quite a bit this past week I also snuck in quite a few games of Warhammer Fantasy 8th ed.  With a one-day event coming up this weekend me and my good friend Matt, from Big M's Power Hour, got a 2400-point game in that saw my High Elves defeat my own Dwarfs under Matt's is odd to put oneself into their own Book of Grudges...

My usual Wednesday night Warhammer crew also held a simple, 500pt Warhammer Fantasy Tournament this past week as well.  It was great to get some quick and simple games in to cement the rules a bit more and help a few of the regular clubmates get their first real steps into the game itself.

I hope you had a great week of hobby as well!  I will be sure to give you all a report of the event coming up this weekend and how my High Elves get on in the games.  Until then, Stay Stormcast Strong and Happy Hobbying!