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Army Lore: The Scions of Strength

 Hey Everyone!  I have yet another Army Lore post for you today!  This one is very special as it is for my very first Age of Sigmar Army which has had a bit of rebrand since their original lore was put out long ago.  Now dubbed The Scions of Strength they are led by not one, but two mighty heroes of The Mortal Realms!  Usually, I find a Pop Queen to represent the leader of my faction and while looking and asking others for input I stumbled upon an even better idea.  Having just finished painting a Knight-Draconis I decided to paint her up to represent my wonderful queen of a wife and after pulling out my favorite model in the Stormcast Range, and touching it up a bit, I also have myself finally represented on the table as a Lord-Castallent!  Halauren Stormblossom and Charliamh Brawnhammer have an eternal bond and will see Sigmar's foes vanquished across The Mortal Realms.  Only The Faithful!  As always Stay Stormcast Strong and Happy Hobbying!

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Army Lore: Lanissa's Rebellion

Hey Everyone!  I recently completed my Anvigard army the centers around my Souldbound Character Lanissa Bloodparch.  Enjoy the video and as always Happy Hobbying and Stay Stormcast Strong!

Army Lore: Fleet Maxa-Va

Hey Everyone!  Today I have yet another Army Lore post for you.  I recently completed my Kharadron Overlords fleet and after choosing a suitable pop star, Ava Max, to represent the army I decided to get to work and write a short piece of lore.  My flagship The Maxa-Va has a bit of mystery attached to it after its most recent journey.  I hope you enjoy this lore and as always Happy Hobbying and Stay Stormcast Strong!

Army Lore: WAAAGH Eliish'ia!

Today I have a very special post as I bring you some more Army Lore.  I have been building a Path To Glory Roster using Orruk Warclans over the past few months and while it is still a small army I wanted to write up a bit of background for it as well as incorporate my usual Pop Queen into it all.  My Ironjawz force is "lead" by Arch-Revenant Elish'ia based on Billie Elish.  It is a bit of fun in making it work, but that is what I love about The Mortal Realms and crafting your own Narrative!  Enjoy the lore below and as always Happy Hobbying and stay Stormcast Strong!