Friday, June 28, 2019

The Hobby Table: 6-28-19

Hey Everyone! Today I wanted to give another Hobby Table update as I have been cranking out my Idoneth Deepkin in preparation for the upcoming Rend 4 tournament next month.  It is a bit of a challenge as I am working to match these models to the rest of the army I had commission painted by BrushForHire.  It has been a fun and difficult challenge to match them, but very well worth it.  I feel I have learned a lot in the process and I am excited to get the army on the table for the event next month!

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

#StormcastStrong 6 Week Challenge Thank you!

We want to congratulate everyone who recently took part in the very first #StormcastStrong Six Week Fitness Challenge.  We saw 69 participants sign up to work toward improving their physical health through nutrition changes and regular exercise.  Some participants took to it very well while others had a few struggles along the way.  However, everyone took a very important step in changing their lifestyle in a meaningful way.  We have really enjoyed seeing the WhatsApp group grow and having so many Wargamers commit to improving themselves.  The regular chats and workout posts have been motivating for us to look at expanding the next challenge. There will be more to come in the future so be sure to keep an eye out.  We will be reviewing the final submissions and reaching out to the winners over the next week.  Thank you again for joining us and stay #StormcastStrong .

Chuck & Hayden

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Community All-Gates: 6-20-19

Hey Everyone!  It has been some time since I have done a Community All-Gates to shout out some great content within the community, but it is hard not to point you towards all the Faction Reaction’s The Honest Wargamer has been putting out.  Rob has jumped into the upcoming Generals Handbook release to interview some great players focusing on the known changes happening in the new Generals Handbook.  These interviews are great resources and if you are not wanting to listen to them all I recommend you check out the ones focusing on your specific armies.  It is well worth your time and well done to Rob for putting in a great effort to get this content out so quickly.  Check out the links after the break below.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

The Hobby Table: 6-18-19 and Contrast First Impressions!

Hey Everyone!  These Hobby Table Posts have been much more regular it seems as my hobby table is staying full and busy.  I am continuing to knock out all the small projects I have had sitting around for a while and I even had my first go at the new Contrast Paint.  I used my time with Contrast to test out my Slaanesh Paint Scheme I plan to begin after NOVA Open.  Contrast is a nice new tool to add to your hobby box, but I need some more time playing with it to really master its use, but I have no doubt it will help speed up my painting process with my upcoming army.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

A Tale of Four Warlords: Three Club Challenge - Month 2

Hey Everyone!  Today I wanted to take a moment to update on the Tale of Four Warlords Tri-Club Challenge happening between the Ligonier Legion, Steel City Sigmar, and Rend 4 club.  month one is in the books and there was a lot of painting happening across all the clubs.  We are halfway through the month two commitment of painting a Battleline and it is fun to see so many armies grow across the local area.  The Nurgle Group took the first month, but there is still plenty of chances for the other groups to claim overall victory!

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

The Hobby Table: 6-11-19

Hey Everyone!  It has been very exciting with the upcoming release of Contrast Paint as well as the recent news of The General’s Handbook 2019 going on preorder.  With summer more or less here the days are long, but there are never enough hours to get everything done, but it is not for lack of trying.  I have been working to wrap up all of my small side projects that have been accumulating over the past few months.  My aim is to get these projects wrapped up before NOVA Open 2019 so I can focus entirely on Slaanesh for the remainder of the year.  Between these projects and the terrain building for NOVA that is about to start, I am hoping I won't end up with any new projects over the next few months.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Life Lessons and Wargaming: Surround Yourself with Who You Want to Be

Hey Everyone!  Today I wanted to head back to my continuing article series, “Life Lessons and Wargaming”.  The purpose of the article series is to take those lessons we learn over time and how we can apply them to our Wargaming Hobby.  In today's article, I want to talk about how surrounding yourself with the type of hobbyist and person you wish to become is key to accomplishing your goals.