Tuesday, June 11, 2019

The Hobby Table: 6-11-19

Hey Everyone!  It has been very exciting with the upcoming release of Contrast Paint as well as the recent news of The General’s Handbook 2019 going on preorder.  With summer more or less here the days are long, but there are never enough hours to get everything done, but it is not for lack of trying.  I have been working to wrap up all of my small side projects that have been accumulating over the past few months.  My aim is to get these projects wrapped up before NOVA Open 2019 so I can focus entirely on Slaanesh for the remainder of the year.  Between these projects and the terrain building for NOVA that is about to start, I am hoping I won't end up with any new projects over the next few months.

One of the small projects that has been staring at me was my Khorne Judgements and Terrain piece.  I had picked up the kits when they released alongside the latest Battletome, but after getting them built I let them sit as I had no plans to play the army any time soon.  However, the motivation finally hit me and I got the paint moving in order to knock it all out pretty quickly.  I am happy with how they come out and how nice they look against my force.

The second project that has been staring at me for quite some time has been various Stormcast Models that have been sitting built and primed on my shelf for a while now.  Having just painted the endless spells I knew it was time to get my Stormcast back to 100% painted status.  I had forgotten how fun and simple painting armour can be and I only have a unit of Evocators left to finish up!

My total list of models to complete is much larger than I expected, but with a dedicated and regular painting, I have no doubt they will be completed quickly.  I plan on using the new Contrast Paint on the Forbidden Power Endless Spells before tackling all the Daughters of Khaine I have sitting unpainted.  Not to mention finishing up my Sylvaneth force for my Tri-Club Tale of Four Warlords challenge.

The last bit of Hobby I have had lately, and the most exciting me personally, is finally getting a table set up to play games on in my hobby area.  It is a bit of a temporary set up as I continue to clean out my basement, but it is sturdy and will serve its purpose well until I can get my Hobby/Gym set up finished over the next few months.

 Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore