Monday, August 28, 2023

Weekly Hobby Update 8.28.23

 Hello and happy Monday everyone!  I hope this week is full of Warhammer and health for you, but it's that time to reflect on the prior week of Wargaming fun.  To kick it all off I began moving some Dipossesd models from my Cities of Sigmar army back to my fantasy Dwarf army as with the updated rule set I do not see them performing very well and with Anvilgard now well and entirely gone as a subfaction I decided it was time to look ahead to building a new Cities of Sigmar army by proceeding the new box set.  My Anvilgard army also had a few humans in it as well and these are heading into Mordheim in the near future.

Thursday, August 24, 2023

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Nashcon 2023 Event Recap

Hello everyone!  I am back from Nashcon 2023 and felt like doing an event recap here on the blog.  I will also be doing a recap on the podcast, but there is something very satisfying in typing out my experience in this blog that really cements the experience and all of the fun.  If you have not already seen the pre-event podcast be sure to go check it out to understand the full story you will read about below.  If you have done that already then jump after the break to read all about my Nashcon 2023 experience!

Saturday, August 19, 2023

Tayrathi's Payment Comes Due

 Fresh off the heels of my lore for Gitcon 2023 is my Nashcon 2023 lore for Tayrathi and her Kharadron saviors, Fleet Maxa'Va.  This bit plays more into the recent Strength Hammer Podcast episode (#66) so be sure to check it out and enjoy this bit of lore all about Tayrathi below!


“As per the agreement of payment for services rendered; in the evacuation of The Tayrathian Temple and for future services to be rendered in the form of delivering all members of The Tayrathian Cult (except for a small contingent of willing volunteers to join the Crew of Fleet Maxa’Va) to a new location for the founding of a new Temple location; The Tayrathian Cult shall represent Fleet Maxa’Va in the Trade Alliance Agreement of Fleet Maxa’Va, Grugni’s Reclaimers, and Grumdren Forgeheart’s Flying Circus.  Fleet Maxa’Va shall transport The Tayrathian Cult to and from the Tournament.

The Tayrathian Cult assumes all risks and injury for participation in the Trade Alliance Sgreement and may retain all awards and accolades won, but spoils and loot of the Trade Alliance Sgreement as well as all glory won shall be retained by Fleet Maxa’Va.  In order to facilitate this agreement a representative of Fleet Maxa’Va shall accompany and assist The Tayrathian Cult.

Refusing to render payment shall see The Tayrathian Cult permanently entered into the Dammaz Kron of Fleet Maxa’Va and immediate expulsion of all members from the fleet despite location or elevation”


Exert on the payment section from the one and hundred and thirty-page contract between Fleet Maxa’Va and The Tayrathian Cult for services rendered.  This and all parts of the contract are confidential until the start of the Trade Alliance Agreement of Fleet Maxa’Va, Grugni’s Reclaimers, and Grumdren Forgeheart’s Flying Circus.  Fleet Maxa’Va.  All found breaking this confidentiality shall be added to the Damnaz Kron of Fleet Maxa’Va and receive eternal enmity from The Tayrathian Cult.

Monday, August 14, 2023

Weekly Hobby Update 8.14.23

 Hey Everyone and Happy Monday.  I hope you are ready to get after this week as it promises, for me, to start slow and end in a flurry of Warhammer with Nashcon this coming weekend!  While I am excited about reaching the end of this week let us first look back on last week's hobby!  The first bit is a watch-through of Chaos Rising, a fan film between the forces of Bretonia and Khone, and is well worth a watch if you have not done so already.

Monday, August 7, 2023

Big M's Power Hour July 2023 - GHB 2023 - 24


Weekly Hobby Update 8.1.23

 Hello and Happy Monday as usual my friends!  It has been an excellent week for Hobby and Fitness with new models, painted models, and an event played with weightlifting along the way!  This weekend also saw the EVO Tournaments and the CrossFit Games happening which meant when I wasn't Warhammering I was glued to the streams for all the great Fitness and FGC action!

Thursday, August 3, 2023

The Flight of the Tayrathian Cult

 Hello everyone!  Today I have a new piece of Army Lore for you to enjoy! The story picks up with the Tayrathian Cult shortly after having been rescued by my Kharadron Overlord Fleet, Fleet Maxa'Va, during the siege of their Temple near Har Kuron with the Tayrathian cult now in transit to a new unknown home, but a battle is on its way even in the skies. It will be the Kharadron who has to pull the heavy lifting and ensure Tayrathi and her flock make it to their new home and fulfill their end of the contract.  This narrative is for this weekend's Nashcon Prep Event my friend Aleks is hosting called Gitcon 2023.  I am looking forward to tieing my army narratives together more and more with content such as this so please enjoy and look forward to my upcoming Kharadron Overlords, and likely a hint of Daughters of Khaine, lore for Nashcon itself as this ongoing story unfolds.