Monday, August 7, 2023

Weekly Hobby Update 8.1.23

 Hello and Happy Monday as usual my friends!  It has been an excellent week for Hobby and Fitness with new models, painted models, and an event played with weightlifting along the way!  This weekend also saw the EVO Tournaments and the CrossFit Games happening which meant when I wasn't Warhammering I was glued to the streams for all the great Fitness and FGC action!

Hobby this past week saw a few new additions to my growing Ynnari force arrive, and they are slowly being built and primed for use in some upcoming 40k games!  My hobby table also saw some painting of club terrain for my weekly crew's Age of Sigmar Table.  I kept it simple in order to knock them out quick as a painted table is always better than some primed pieces.

Fitness this week was good but tiring.  I was really feeling it in my body near the end of the week so I opted to mix in a full cardio session instead of weightlifting. I enjoyed it a lot so I plan to mix it in regularly in the coming weeks!

Gitcon, hosted by my buddy Aleks (Fit_hammer), took place this past weekend as a way for him to run an event and fulfill one of his hobby dreams and help us all prep for the upcoming Nashcon event.  I took my Kharadron Overlords and went 1-2, but I did have three great games and even managed to take home a trophy for lifting the most weight in total lbs throughout the entire day.  It was a great day, but exhausting, and I hope he continues to host this event every year and grow it!

The EVO Fighting game tournament took place this past weekend as did the CrossFit games and despite all I had going on I managed to watch plenty of both of those streams!  I also snuck in some matches myself with Street Fighter 6 to have some fun and I am still really loving this game and working to improve match after match!

I hope you have a great week everyone!  Stay Stormcast Strong and Happy Hobbying!