Thursday, August 3, 2023

The Flight of the Tayrathian Cult

 Hello everyone!  Today I have a new piece of Army Lore for you to enjoy! The story picks up with the Tayrathian Cult shortly after having been rescued by my Kharadron Overlord Fleet, Fleet Maxa'Va, during the siege of their Temple near Har Kuron with the Tayrathian cult now in transit to a new unknown home, but a battle is on its way even in the skies. It will be the Kharadron who has to pull the heavy lifting and ensure Tayrathi and her flock make it to their new home and fulfill their end of the contract.  This narrative is for this weekend's Nashcon Prep Event my friend Aleks is hosting called Gitcon 2023.  I am looking forward to tieing my army narratives together more and more with content such as this so please enjoy and look forward to my upcoming Kharadron Overlords, and likely a hint of Daughters of Khaine, lore for Nashcon itself as this ongoing story unfolds.

    Dathadria Stoneleaf stood on the deck of The Flagship Maxa’Va as it soared high above the clouds, a gentle hum of its Aether-Engines in her ears.  Having grown up in Anvilgard she was accustomed to the rolling movement of a ship’s deck, but she still had no idea of how or what kept the Kharadron vessels aloft or so stable in flight.  Dathadria was no one of consequence, just one of High Priestess Tayrathi’s many Witch Aelves, who stumbled onto the flagship during the hasty evacuation.  Her sense of wonder and mental exhaustion overtook any instinct of fear of being so high up in the sky.

The Tayrathian Cult, who had recently suffered the destruction of their Temple by the rampaging Ogors and their allies who overran the Brutos Hills (near Har Kuron, formerly Anvilgard), sought refuge with the Kharadron Fleet Maxa’Va.  Despite the defeat, and betrayal of some Stormcast Allies, the majority of the Cult was able to escape aboard the many Skyvessls of the Fleet.  Dathadria had to admit the sight of the amassed Skyfleet, in its entirety, filling the horizon, and knowing each vessel was full of her sisters who survived the battle filled her with hope for the future.

Her mind returned to the present moment sharply as some of the ship's Duradin crew hastily moved past her to set up deck guns for the upcoming leg of their journey, which rumors said could see the fleet fighting through dangerous skies.  She did not know where in the realms was the Cult's final destination as High Priestess Tayrathi, alongside the returned exile Lanissa Bloodparch, was deep in the bowels of the ship hammering out the details of the contract, destination, and payment with the Fleet Maxa’Va’s leadership.

She did not feel helpless or insignificant, despite her current situation.  She would serve and fight for High Priestess Tayrathi no matter the battlefield or the potential outcome.  Dathadria walked over to the two Duardin and began assisting them in any way they would allow as they prepared for the inevitable battle in the skies.  Sensing her intentions the others of the Tayrathian Cult, who were able to do so, followed her lead.