Monday, July 31, 2023

Weekly Hobby Update 7.31.23

 Hello and happy Monday all!  Last week was the hottest week of the summer where I live in the US, but it didn't slow down my hobby and I had enough moments of good enough weather to prime a few projects to paint up.  I did use some of my time indoors beating the heat to play with the new Warhammer Filters on Instagram that you see below.  Jump to after the break to see the rest of my week!

Hobby this past week wasn't Warhammer focused, but a handful of 3D printed sculpts a friend printed for me and my wife a while back that have been on our computer desks for some time.  This past week I buckled down to knock them all out.  A Doom/Animal Crossing Crossover with Isabelle, a Gyroid from Animal Crossing.  A Loporrit and Azem's Crystal from Final Fantasy 14 and a Dungeons and Dragons character from the last campaign I played.  It was nice to flex my hobby skills with some different sculpts and I am pleased with the results.

Fitness last week continued as usual, but I am buckling down on less sweets and less alcohol in order to improve my results.  I will likely do a month of no alcohol her soon to really kickstart it all!

Street Fighter 6 continues to be quite enjoyable, and I hope you all enjoy my regular updates here as well, The new character Rashid was released last week and after maxing out his bond in the World Tour Mode I headed over to some casual matches and got a good number of sets in against some Rashid players and while I didn't win every match I learned a lot more for when I face the new character in a ranked or tournament setting. 

Games were played last week as my preparation for Nashcon 2023 kicks off fully!  My Kharadron has come out to play and I am trying to get as many games in as possible before the big event.  Myself, Matt, and Neil all have a stake in doing well as we are all taking Kharadron and are competing against each other for a special "contract" we are all going to sign and play for at the event.  Stay tuned for a podcast episode on this in the future.

I hope you have a great week everyone and until next time stay Stomrcast Strong and Happy Hobbying!