Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Strength Hammer Blog Update

On today's I wanted to give you all some insight into changes coming to the blog for 2021.  Over the past few months, I have felt my content slipping a bit more into content for content's sake as opposed to being truly passionate about what I am writing.  In order to combat this, I sat down and really considered what posts of mine did I really enjoy and have wanted to do more of in the future?  Two article series really stuck out to me as I reviewed my older content.  The first being my Life Lessons and Wargaming and the second being my exploration of the history from The World That Was of characters from Age of Sigmar's current lore.  My plan going forward is to give you articles either for these two ongoing series or something like it every two to three months in order to give you longer and higher quality content to read as opposed to weekly posts that may be, more or less, filler (algorithms be damned).  As I write army lore for my many Warhammer armies I might slip them in as well between these core posts.  You can expect the YouTube and Podcast content to carry on as they have been.  I am excited about these changes to my blog and I hope you are as well!

Happy Hobby and Stay Stormcast Strong.

Chuck Moore

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Army Lore: The Pleasure Cult of Mistress Ga'Gar

Hey Everyone! Today I wanted to introduce you to the character I have created for my new Slaves to Darkness army. Mistress Ga’Gar (based on Lady Gaga) is a Chaos Lord seeking pleasure all across the realms for her dark deity Slaanesh. I hope you enjoy this short piece about my new character.

Steam rose in the chill morning air of Ghyran as the hot blood poured out of a stab wound of a prone marauder.  Mistress Ga'Gar breathed deep at the scent as she watched the life fade from the mortal sacrifice before her.  The marauder made no effort to staunch the flow of his lifeblood as ecstasy overtook them in their final moments before stillness was all that was remained.  

Placing a finger in the still cooling blood, Ga'Gar drew curving shapes upon her Melusian form, the infernal symbols of her Dark God, Slaanesh.  A portion of the ecstasy felt by the sacrifice passed into her body as she finished the sixth of the blasphemous symbols on her body.  This had been a worthy sacrifice to begin her day, but she was a Pleasure Queen and there was still so much time left in the day to experience even more passion from the blood spilled of others, but yet she let her mind linger while staring at the pooling blood before her.

Blood used to be all she cared about, but those memories had become hazier and hazier over time.  Besides her name, she couldn't fully remember much else besides a few flashing images in her mind's eye.  Great Cauldrons, Blood covered Aelves, and a blonde-haired Queen who lead them all.  These fading memories and her Mesluian body were enough to tell her she once worshiped the God Khaine.  However, she did not know which Temple she had called hers and why she, along with a number of other Khainites, turned their worship to Slaanesh.

It hardly mattered now though as Slaanesh filled her and her followers with all the pleasure they could desire.  Their supplication and devotion to their new Dark God were more than enough.  Ga'Gar caringly picked up the dead marauder in her clawed left arm, a blessing from her new deity, and placing it in the nearby pyre.  As the flames consumed the sacrifice a cloud of purple smoke erupted forth from the pyre engulfing her for the briefest of moments.

In that moment she saw a sign from her Dark God.  A primordial form birthed from the maw of Slaanesh taking shape in the Realms.  She did not know exactly where this being had settled, but she could feel the pull of it now and she would follow it to its cradle.  Mistress Ga'Gar and her Slaves to Darkness would set off to welcome the child, but mot without plenty of pleasure found along the way.