Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Strength Hammer Blog Update

On today's I wanted to give you all some insight into changes coming to the blog for 2021.  Over the past few months, I have felt my content slipping a bit more into content for content's sake as opposed to being truly passionate about what I am writing.  In order to combat this, I sat down and really considered what posts of mine did I really enjoy and have wanted to do more of in the future?  Two article series really stuck out to me as I reviewed my older content.  The first being my Life Lessons and Wargaming and the second being my exploration of the history from The World That Was of characters from Age of Sigmar's current lore.  My plan going forward is to give you articles either for these two ongoing series or something like it every two to three months in order to give you longer and higher quality content to read as opposed to weekly posts that may be, more or less, filler (algorithms be damned).  As I write army lore for my many Warhammer armies I might slip them in as well between these core posts.  You can expect the YouTube and Podcast content to carry on as they have been.  I am excited about these changes to my blog and I hope you are as well!

Happy Hobby and Stay Stormcast Strong.

Chuck Moore