Saturday, May 1, 2021

The Penance of The Tayrathian Cult

    Hey Everyone!  Today I wanted to reveal my narrative for the upcoming Rend 4 Battle Across the Realms IV, Triumph and Treachery Event.  I am really excited to continue Tayrathi's story through this event and narrative and I hope you all enjoy it as well!  Glory to Morathi-Khaine!  Happy Hobbying and stay Stormcast Strong!

Tayrathi knelt before the godly figure before her willing her mind empty and her body still.  For decades Tayrathi had lived for the goal of the resurrection of Khaine and she had truly believed Morathi had been stealing his power for her own and suppressing his return.  Tayrahi had set her goals and schemes against Morathi for the betterment of her god, but she had been wrong and now she was going to face the consequences.

    Morathi-Khaine’s presence overbearingly filled the colossal room almost snuffing out Tayrathi’s.  Morathi-Khaine kept her back turned toward the Tayrathi as if to invite her to try and stab her in the back.  Unseen by Tayrathi a smile crept across Morathi-Khaine’s lips as she played out all the creative torture methods she could enact on her fallen priestess, but that would thankfully not be Tayrathi’s fate.  She was still a very useful tool to Morathi-Khaine and had a bigger part to play in Morathi-Khaine’s plans than either realized, but a penance still needed to be paid.

    “Tayrathi….High Priestess of The Tayrathian Cult.  Self-titled Bride of Khaine…”  Morathi-Khaine began letting sarcasm dance across her words.  “You come claiming a long list of sins against me...against who I was, I should say.  Before my ascension.”  The goddess continued as she turned to face Tayrathi, letting the weight of her gaze rest upon the Priestess.

    Tayrathi kept her eyes respectfully towards the marble floor beneath her as she felt the immensity of Morathi-Khaines stare covering her being.  She had come willingly after the liberation of Har Kuron by Morathi-Khaine and the Daughters of Khaine.  Having basked in the glory of Morathi-Khaine’s godhood during the liberation, as well as the subsequently failed siege in response by the Stormcast Eternals and the God-King Sigmar, she had sensed the true and pure presence of Khaine residing inside Morathi’s body and soul.  She had come before her goddess to profess her transgressions and accept punishment in hopes her temple would be spared the worst of it.

“It may come as a surprise to you, but I have known all about sins long before you came before me this day.”  Morathi-Khaine stated flatly.  “Ever since your reincarnation I have had my eyes on you and while you served Khaine, served me, as faithful as any of my Daughters there is still the issue that you acted in opposition to me.”

    The silence in the room grew deafening until Tayrathi dared to speak.  “I offer no excuses for my folly.  Only my life and blood as atonement.  Pray spare my cult from your wrath my goddess.”

“Your life and blood are mine Tayrathi, have no doubt about that.”  Morathi exclaimed.      “However, I am not as wasteful as others of the Great Aelven Pantheon.  I am sending you on a mission of penance to spread the glory of my ascension and reclamation of an artifact that was thought long destroyed.”  Morathi paused letting her judgement sink into Tayrathi’s mind.  “You recall the Crimson Scianlar I had you retrieve from the Khornite warband known as the Eight-blooded during the Age of Chaos?” Morathi questioned.

    “Yes, my goddess.  I still remember the jublinece when I used the blade to slit the throat of the Exalted Deathbringer Ugtai...and how many of my sisters offered their own blood and life to Khaine as the blade was claimed by my hand.”  Tayrathi responded.

    “Lives well spent in the name and glory of Morathi-Khaine.”  Morathi-Khaine confirmed.  “The location of the Crimson Scianlar’s sister blade has become known to me.  It resides in the location of your cult's former and abandoned temple in Ghyran.  It seems the little gift you left for The Everqueen has taken on more than a few of your traits and currently protects the blessed weapon alongside her Wargrove.”  

    “I didn’t leave Ghyran on good Terms with The Everqueen.  Perhaps a trap?” Tayrathi questioned.

    “Does it matter?”  Morathi-Khaine shot back.  “Take the Crimson Scianlar, find its twin and return to me only when this task has been completed by your own hand.  Succeed and your standing in the Temples will be raised to even greater glory than you knew before your failure, but fail me and….well...Do. Not. Fail. Me.”

Tayrahti, sensing her audience was over, rose to her feet and much to her own surprise and Morathi-Khaine she locked eyes with the goddess with a look mixed of equal parts fear and worship.  Tayrathi finally understood the piercing eyes she would often see when she closed her eyes during the rare quiet movements of her had been Morathi’s all along.  The moment lasted but a single heartbeat before Tayrathi turned and left her whole being set on her own and her cults redemption.  She would not be found wanting in the eyes of her goddess.

Post Event Lore:

After successfully claiming the sister blade of the Crimson Scianlar through negotiations with the Seraphon Slan Zuret, Tayrathi ventured to secure the blade within her temple halls near Har Kuron.  While enroute to her home through Aqshy she was given new orders from an envoy sent by Morathi-Khaine herself directing her through a nearby Realmgate to seek out yet another treasure in the land of Ghur during her penance.
Little did Tayrathi or her follows know that they would find themselves in the middle of a brawl of titanic portions.  Two mighty Gargant armies were duking it out all around them, but amongst the chaos she sighted her goal.  The followers of Slaanesh also found themselves unexpectedly in the middle of the mighty battle.  Tayrathi kept safe distance until the time to strike was right.  With her newfound blades she struck down a Great Daemon of the great enemy that ventured too close to her and her Witch Aelves.
Having claimed a small vial of blood from the Daemon her and her fought a hasty retreat to the nearest Realmgate, discovered by the estranged Witch Aelf Lanissa, back to the safety of Aqshy.