Monday, August 28, 2023

Weekly Hobby Update 8.28.23

 Hello and happy Monday everyone!  I hope this week is full of Warhammer and health for you, but it's that time to reflect on the prior week of Wargaming fun.  To kick it all off I began moving some Dipossesd models from my Cities of Sigmar army back to my fantasy Dwarf army as with the updated rule set I do not see them performing very well and with Anvilgard now well and entirely gone as a subfaction I decided it was time to look ahead to building a new Cities of Sigmar army by proceeding the new box set.  My Anvilgard army also had a few humans in it as well and these are heading into Mordheim in the near future.

I forgot to mention last time that I picked up a few Nashcon purchases.  Nothing to fancy, but they looked fun to paint for a one-off project sometime in the future.  They were very reasonably priced and the sculpts look excellent and they fit the bill for my winter army of French Napoleonics.

Speaking of Napoleonics with my army plans continuing to move ahead I had to sit down and plan out my first army in full.  There is much to learn, but I am really enjoying the process.  When the army finally arrives it will be even more of a fun challenge to paint them up in true historical wargaming fashion with proper markings and uniforms.

I also took some time this week to tweak a few of my home tables by adjusting some of the terrain and which base they were on in order to create new thematic tables for both Age of Sigmar and Warhammer Fantasy Battles.  A simple, but relaxing project on a Sunday morning!

Fitness last week was rough.  Having been on and off for a few weeks due to travel and such the weights felt heavy, but with a few sessions I am feeling back to form and I plan to start a new program this week with a bit of body-building focus to get back into the swing of things!  I also kick off my Sober September today (even though it is a few days early).  I am looking forward to the benefits in the future!

Street Fighter 6 continues to be fun and a different way to flex my competitive muscles.  I finally moved off Cammy for a bit to bring out my Modern Juri and after some labbing I felt the groove come back and am enjoying ranked matches with her for a bit!

Not a busy previous week for me, but I likely did miss something so be sure to follow me over on Instagram to see my week as it happens.  Until next time Happy Hobbying and Stay Stormcast Strong!