Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Nashcon 2023 Event Recap

Hello everyone!  I am back from Nashcon 2023 and felt like doing an event recap here on the blog.  I will also be doing a recap on the podcast, but there is something very satisfying in typing out my experience in this blog that really cements the experience and all of the fun.  If you have not already seen the pre-event podcast be sure to go check it out to understand the full story you will read about below.  If you have done that already then jump after the break to read all about my Nashcon 2023 experience!

To kick off my event experience I want to take a look at my Tayrathi NarrativeTwist on a little competition between myself, Neil, and Matt (Big M).  With the plan for the three of us to all take Kharadron and compete amongst one another I decided to use our Contract, which was our award, and add an addendum in order to allow my Daughters of Khaine to represent my Kharadron in this little competition.  It was months of planning and setup, but I pulled the wool over Matt and Neil's eyes to a great effect.  They never saw it coming and were happy, angry, and in disbelief when it was revealed right before the first game of the event.  Ultimately, Neil would win our competition, but the thrill of this setup was a huge win for me personally.  Also, big thanks to everyone in my local club as well as the TOs David and Anthony for helping me pull all of this off.

Secret DoK Games were played in the lead-up to help me prepare for the event as well as ensure Matt and Neil never saw me playing anything other than Kharadron up until the event itself.  I even hid my display board in a box for the trip down!

Overall Nashcon was a great experience.  I went 1-3-1 but had 4 out of the 5 games go to the bottom of round 5 to determine a winner and made 5 new friends while catching up with everyone I already know and love.  I even managed to win a random prize draw for some Kharadron Overlords of all things!  The terrain and the tables were beyond compare, the TOs ran the event smooth as silk, and the awards are some of the coolest ones I have ever seen!

Games 1 versus Coy Barron and his Elden Ring-themed Ogor Mawtribe! Lost 24 to 21.

Games 2 versus Ryan Hill and his Bretonnian-themed Skaven! Lost 23 to 15.

Games 3 versus Jesse Bullock and his Slaves to Darkness! Draw 23 to 23.

Games 4 versus Ben Smith and his Lumineth Realmlords! Lost 21 to 20.

Games 5 versus Matthew McClendon and his Ogor Mawtribe! Won 27 to 26.

Nashville was an amazing town full of life and relaxation.  We made sure to hit the town a few times to explore and see the live music scene on Broadway and share a few drinks and a meal or two.  It was loud, fun, and full of people.  I do look forward to coming back here in a year's time for the event to explore the city a bit more and hang out with the local crew once again!

Nashcon is one for the Warhammer bucket list and I am very eager to go back next year after finally making it down to the event.  If you want one of the greatest Warhammer event experiences you could ever have I would recommend you do the same.

Until next time Stay Stormcast Strong and Happy Hobbying!