Monday, August 14, 2023

Weekly Hobby Update 8.14.23

 Hey Everyone and Happy Monday.  I hope you are ready to get after this week as it promises, for me, to start slow and end in a flurry of Warhammer with Nashcon this coming weekend!  While I am excited about reaching the end of this week let us first look back on last week's hobby!  The first bit is a watch-through of Chaos Rising, a fan film between the forces of Bretonia and Khone, and is well worth a watch if you have not done so already.

This past week's hobby was minimal with the building and priming of a few additions to my beloved Ynnari faction for Warhammer 40k.  While I cannot wait to see these units added to my growing force I must wait as my Ynnari were painted by my good friend Robert and while these will be in his queue he currently has plenty of his own projects to do so these wont hit the table any time soon, but I eagerly look forward to their completion!

I also painted up a table worth of terrain for some away games between myself and a few friends that happen every now and again.  With monthly meetups with my friend circle, and a few of us Warhammer fans, we occasionally decided to play some Warhammer and now it is even easier as we have built and painted these pieces of terrain to leave at our regular meeting spot for quicker and easier games int he future!

Fitness last week was so-so at best.  I got to the gym a few times, but I didn't prioritize it as I should and missed out on my regular fitness routine.  It happens and I got plenty of rest during this off week.  Back at it this week to get back to form.

Street Fighter 6 continues to be a regular part of my hobby as of late and with the new TMNT partnership I decided it was a good time to mess around with my custom Story character for World Tour and clean up a few items left on the map.  Last but not least I also got my first rage quit mid-match!  Still, more to do, but loving this game through and through!

A bit of an odd inclusion here is a quick note to say I spent a lot of this past weekend watching the Pokemon Championships.  Having just watched EVO last week I am really enjoying coverage of my favorite games on a competitive level more and more and I was curious to see how commentary on an event like this was handled compared to Warhammer.  It was a great bit to watch!

I hope you all have a great week and a quick note that I will likely miss next week's blog post as I return from Nashcon, but expect a full event recap upon my return.  If you are at Nashcon be sure to come say hello!  Stay safe, happy hobbying, and stay Stormcast Strong!