Thursday, June 20, 2019

Community All-Gates: 6-20-19

Hey Everyone!  It has been some time since I have done a Community All-Gates to shout out some great content within the community, but it is hard not to point you towards all the Faction Reaction’s The Honest Wargamer has been putting out.  Rob has jumped into the upcoming Generals Handbook release to interview some great players focusing on the known changes happening in the new Generals Handbook.  These interviews are great resources and if you are not wanting to listen to them all I recommend you check out the ones focusing on your specific armies.  It is well worth your time and well done to Rob for putting in a great effort to get this content out so quickly.  Check out the links after the break below.

The Honest Wargamer WebsiteThe Honest Wargamer YoutubeThe Honest Wargamer TwitchThe Honest Wargamer SoundcloudThe Honest Wargamer TwitterThe Honest Wargamer Facebook

Happy Hobbying.

Chuck Moore