Sunday, January 30, 2022

Army Lore: WAAAGH Eliish'ia!

Today I have a very special post as I bring you some more Army Lore.  I have been building a Path To Glory Roster using Orruk Warclans over the past few months and while it is still a small army I wanted to write up a bit of background for it as well as incorporate my usual Pop Queen into it all.  My Ironjawz force is "lead" by Arch-Revenant Elish'ia based on Billie Elish.  It is a bit of fun in making it work, but that is what I love about The Mortal Realms and crafting your own Narrative!  Enjoy the lore below and as always Happy Hobbying and stay Stormcast Strong!

Arch-Revenant Elish'ia's eyes snapped into focus once again as she took in the world once again with her own eyes.  Her disembodied head was firmly stuck on the bone spike of an Orruk Warchanter she had named "Ocean Eyes".  She and the rest of her grove had been ambushed in Aqshy by the Warhanter and the rest of his brutes while on a mission from The Everqueen to track a Khainite Cult and its Priestess Tayrathi who had desecrated Alarielle's sacred forest and fled.  

Many tree spirits and soulpods were lost in the skirmish and despite decapitation, Elish'ia lived on by some unknown means.  She had seen the Green Magic of the Orruks work in mysterious ways and concluded that it was either this WAAAGH Magic or her desire to fulfill her goddess's task that kept her alive.  Whichever means of magic it was it also allowed her to place her thoughts within the Warchanter's mind and help direct him and his Warband to her own means.

Elish'ia would fulfill her duties and the Orruks would be the means with how she accomplished it.  Elish'ia did have to admit that the drum beats and the chant of WAAAGH had grown on her these past few months.  The green magic of Ghyran and the Orruks were becoming one...

...WAAAGH Elish'ia would grow and nothing would stand in its way and survive.