Sunday, January 30, 2022

Army Lore: Fleet Maxa-Va

Hey Everyone!  Today I have yet another Army Lore post for you.  I recently completed my Kharadron Overlords fleet and after choosing a suitable pop star, Ava Max, to represent the army I decided to get to work and write a short piece of lore.  My flagship The Maxa-Va has a bit of mystery attached to it after its most recent journey.  I hope you enjoy this lore and as always Happy Hobbying and Stay Stormcast Strong!

    Fleet Maxa-Va had returned to their homeport after a yearlong expedition in the Realm of Ulgu that left a scar on their hearts that even their Idyll home could not quite erase.  During their journey they had was seemed a fruitful encounter with the leader of one of the many Cults of Khaine.  The blonde-haired priestess showed them where one the richest veins of Aether-Gold the fleet had ever seen.  It required a bit of extra refinement due to the thin cracks of shadow spider-webbed through it all, but it was well worth the effort for the profits that were gleaned.  After unloading their claims and making necessary repairs, including repairs to the flagship's new figurehead whom none could quite say when they added it to the ship, the fleet set out once more in hopes that a new adventure would cure their malaise.    

    The flagship, Maxa-Va, drifted as silent as a shadow through the heavy fog that hung over the copper bogs of Chamon's eastern reaches.  Behind her trailed the rest of the fleet, each ship full of strong and hearty duardin out to find their glory or their doom.  Doom felt more apt as of late for the fleets Admiral Ulgruf Guinnison as he took in the heavy silence on the top decks to sup his morning ale.  The only duardin who dared defy the quietude was the fleet's unexpected charter.  A dour and loud slayer by the name of Gotrek and his aelf companion.  

    Despite the circumstance and his reservations,  Admiral Ulgruf willed himself to remain hopeful and raised his drink to the gods for fortune and profit, but to which gods he didn't fully know anymore...