Monday, October 17, 2022

Weekly Hobby Update 10.17.22

Happy Monday everyone!  It is that regular time for a quick hobby update to start the week!  It was a much calmer week than usual, but still, plenty of fun to be had with the Darktide Closed Beta, more Mordheim practice, and Horus Heresy continuing full speed ahead!  Jump after the break to check it all out!

To kick off the blog this week I want to start the Darktide closed Beta.  I have seen plenty of video reviews on YouTube already which of very very in-depth to show the game off.  At its core, this game is the Warhammer 40k version of Vermintide (which is a Warhammer Fantasy version of Left 4 Dead).  The servers had some issues during my playtime, but being a closed beta I don't hold that against the game.  While I did play a few levels with a buddy I cannot say I was enthused by the game.  Don't get me wrong it is very well done, but I feel the gameplay loop of this type of game has grown tiresome for me.  If you do enjoy this style of game and are a fan of a very immersive 40k setting then do check it out!

This picture may look familiar to you from last week's post, but I can assure you it is a new picture.  During my weekly club night, I got another practice game of Mordheim in with the same opponent as last week.  I tried different tactics but had a similar result in the end being overrun.  Back to the drawing board before this coming weeks club day so I can be ready for when our campaign begins.

The last bit of hobby for this week is finally seeing substantial progress on my Dark Angel army for Horus Hersey.  All thirty of my tactical squad members and the ten heavy weapons team members are fully painted up and ready for basing.  In addition, thanks to a surprisingly quick turn around my ten terminators also reached this same level of completion!  I plan to base the army at the end, but it is satisfying to see the army come together to this level.  I only have eleven models left in the army so I am well on my way to my deadline of the end of November!

I hope your week was full of hobby fun just like mine was and if you participated in the Darktide Beta I would love to hear your thoughts as well.  Maybe I missed something that could spark my interest a bit more in the game!

Until next week stay Stormcast Strong and Happy Hobbying!