Monday, December 5, 2022

Weekly Hobby Update 12.5.22

 Happy Monday my friends!  Another week has gone by and I have much more Warhammer Hobby to share with you all (as opposed to last week).  My event, The Tayrahi Classic, is happening in a few short weeks, and as such preparation has been in full swing as the date draws near (Dec 17/18).  Awards are made and prizes are purchased, but that is not all I have been up to the past week.  Check it out after the break!

The Tayrathi Classic will soon be here to finish out the year and with the awards done and prizes almost sorted (still need to gift wrap) I managed to finalize the pack for the event itself.  Check it out and keep in mind this is a fun invitational event so it's very low-stress and caters more to a fun few days over all else.  I am happy as this is the first year it will be a two-day event instead of a single day.  Expect a few more updates in the coming weeks!

With my local weekly club showing some interest in Killteam I decided to pull the trigger and get my Killteam Sisters of Battle box painted up as The Order of The Bloody Rose this past week.  I kept the overall scheme simple and didn't overstress the details as the goal was to quickly have a force ready for battle while fulfilling the urge to have full Sisters of Battle army.  The box really touche don all aspects of the army with each model and I can highly recommend it as it was a joy to paint up!

With the Tayrathi Classic approaching, I am also in full Fantasy prep mode, since I am playing in the event myself.  I was able to get a game in with my good friend Aleks, after a great leg day in the gym,  using my Dark Elves against his High Elves.  It was a good learning game for him to refresh the rules and for me as I am very used to playing High Elves, but with an abundance of them at the event I am going to the dark side for the event itself.  Classic Tayrathi did good work on the table and the Sacrificial Dagger put in good work as well as seen by my pile of Bleakswords.

I also received a mighty gift this week to add to my Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf army in the form of a Master Engineer, The White Dwarf, and Helgar the Dwarf Queen.  Expect to see these on the hobby table here very soon!

Rounding out the week were a few odds and ends of the hobby.  I received my Witch Hinters Handbook I ordered months ago, painted up my Goff Rocker with every color an Ork could consider special, and made a Shadow Box art piece using an extra sprue of Mogwaeths Blood Coven.  I am very happy with all three of these bits of hobby!


It was a spectacular week of hobby and this coming week promises to be just as great!  I hope you have a fantastic week of Warhammer, Fitness, and as always Stay Stormcast Strong and Happy Hobbying!