Monday, December 12, 2022

Weekly Hobby Update 12.12.22

 Happy Monday everyone!  Time to crush another week, but first a recap of my hobby and fitness from last week!  You heard right, I plan to begin touching upon my fitness more in these posts so strap in, and let's get into it starting with a quick header picture of the #HoHoHobbyVices package I sent out over this past weekend to my recipient!  I hope they enjoy the gifts and they bring them much hobby joy.  Now I wait patiently for my package to arrive!

This past week I started a five-day-a-week program with my good friend Aleks (@Fit_Hammer).  We wrote the program together and are working through it over the next handful of weeks and I am sure we will share it on Instagram at some point, but it feels good being back in the gym five days a week and having my gym bro with me to help keep me pushing through the pain for some extra reps!

On the hobby front, I painted up three legendary Dwarf Models I received as gifts from a very good friend Norm.  A Master Engineer, The White Dwarf himself, and Queen Helgar.  I very much enjoyed tackling these classic models and adding them to my Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf army.  Continuing the Fantasy trend this week I managed to build and prime my Sorceress on Black Dragon, ten Dreadspears, and ten Bleakswords to further bolster my growing Dark Elf army.  I plan to add some Dark Riders to the army next whenever I can get my hands on the kit!

With the Tayrathi Classic 2022 looming at the end of this week I have been doing lots of practice and teaching games of Warhammer Fantasy Battles this past week.  Three games of fun against three great opponents have helped me further tweak my list to be powerful and fun for the coming tournament.  I am likely getting a few more games in this week and I am aiming to have one if not all of these games with my final list for the event.  Also, be sure to keep an eye on the blog later this week for some Lore about Tayrathi I am writing up for the event detailing a bit about her time in The World That Was!

The event prep was in full swing this past week with obtaining the final bits of prize support and gift wrapping them all!  I am a fan of random prize support and with Christmas nearly here I thought it would be fun if everyone gets a gift to open and then encourage trading amongst the attendees of the event.  Tayrathi herself also has a fitting gift for all attendees, but it is currently a secret to be revealed at the event so enjoy the blackout image of the gift!

Speaking of gifts I recently received a wonderful package from my friend from Down Under, Anthony (@AoSCoach) in the form of four wonderful stickers!  Guess which one is my favorite...

I hope you have a great week this week be it at the game table, at the hobby desk, or in the gym!  It will be a tough week to get through as I am already anticipating gaming with my friends this weekend.  As always stay Stormcast Strong and Happy Hobbying!