Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Tayrathi - The End Times Era

Hey Everyone!  It is time for some new Tayrathi Lore!  With my Invitational event, The Tayrathi Classic 2022 kicking off this weekend I wanted to share with you the first bit of Old World Lore I wrote for the event all about Tayrathi.  If you follow my Tayrathi lore you will know she was reborn in The Mortal Realms, but at the time she was not a character in my Fantasy army, but with the open-ended way I brought her into the realms, and the way old souls have crossed game systems, I decided to create Tayrathi within The Old World (specifically during The End Times) and play with her as a character within that setting and eventually more detail about how she crossed into the Mortal Realms.  I hope you enjoy this bit of lore and look forward to what is to come in the future/past!

Tayrathi stared into the night at the rolling plains of Ellyrion, clutching the banner entrusted to her tightly in a single elegant, but powerful hand.  The wind pushed the grass which appeared to be a liquid silver due to the waxing of the moon Mannslieb while its smaller counterpart Morrslieb wanned.  A calmness touched the land despite the “invading army” of Tyrion which was camped a hundred yards behind her.  

After Tyrion drew the Widowmaker she and her family rallied around him and his Aestyrion army alongside Morathi in opposition of Malekith and the traitorous Teclis.  Perhaps it was due to her family's worship of Khaine or perhaps it was a number of other small moments that led her to this path.  Either way, she was fully given to Khaine and her homeland of Ellyrion.

Her and the army's goal was to secure The Kingdom of Ellyrion, and give Tyrion a strong base of operations in their reconquest of Ulthuan and sync up with his unexpected ally, Morathi.  There, in two moons' time, they would meet up with the Black Ark known as The Citadel of Spite which would ferry Morathi herself and a fresh army for the reconquest of Ulthuan.

“Your expression betrays your thoughts, Bride of Khaine…”  said the figure appearing beside Tayrathi’s side.

“A pleasure as always Sorceress Drusala”.  Tayrathi responded ignoring the prodding comment.  “What brings you so far from camp at this hour?”

“I could ask the same of you as an untested Death Hag.”  Drusala snapped.  “Your mind is as turbulent as the Rhana Dandra itself.  I need to know your thoughts and ensure your commitment to the task set before us by The First Sorceress, Morathi, and Tyrion who is Aenarion reborn.”

Tayrathi paused for a breath to consider her response.  Any lie she uttered would be detected, but showing weakness could be a death sentence within this new End Times Elven society of Asur and Druichii.  Weighing her options she decided to press her luck and try openness.  “Ellyrion was the homeland of my family for many generations.  I feel a kindred with this land and the horses that run wild here that I cannot deny.  That said, my hatred runs deep knowing my family was forced to flee our ancestral home due to our choices of the recent events that plague our people.”

Drusala let the moment linger but appeared satisfied with the answer.  “Use your hatred and never forget what was taken from all of us.  I foresee that you may have a more significant role to play in this grand performance, but for now, slay those you hate and spread their blood across these plains in Khaine's name.”

Tayrathi was taken aback but doubted the sincerity of Drusala’s words.  “I am now a Bride of Khaine and any part I play in this ‘grand performance’ will be by Khaine’s blessing.”

A moment passed between the two before Drusala broke the silence.  “Come Bride of Khaine.  Show me the extent of Khaine's blessing upon you.  It is time to kill and retake your horse plains.”

The two turned, walking back to the encamped army, the blood-red sun began to rise over the horizon.