Monday, September 19, 2022

Weekly Hobby Update 9.19.22

Hello Everyone and welcome to the Weekly Hobby Update!  This past week was staring at unopened Horus Heresy, Painting up a classic Orc model, tons of work on the best Mordheim Board on The Easter Sea Board, and a Club Day.  Check out more after the break!

To begin this week, having come off the Stormcast Eternals Project wrap-up last week, I decided to finally begin looking at my Autumn Hobby Project with Horus Heresy.  I picked up everything you see in the picture above as soon as the latest version of the game came out, but due to vacation, home improvements, and other hobby commitments I had to keep pushing it off until now.  I will slowly be diving in on this project as I savor the first stages of a new army project, but I cannot wait to see how the army comes together.

I also painted up a classic model I got for cheap at a second-hand shop (due to a missing Moon staff bit) with Grumlock and Gazbag from Warhammer Online Age of Reckoning.  This model was only available with the Collectors Edition of the game and while I do have my original all painted up on display with its square base I thought it fun to add this model to my Orruck Warclans army for Path to Glory.  Hopefully, I will get to have more Path to Glory games soon so I can bring this duo into battle!

My weekly Warhammer Club, The Barn Owls, is also closing in on a months-long hobby project for a large Mordheim City Board!  This board is a collection of hard work, ingenuity, and vision and I cannot wait to get my new Mordheim Warband on it soon.  It should only be another day of work to get it "done" and then we will begin planning the second half because this is only half of the full concept!  However, we plan to tackle the second part in the future while we enjoy games in the here and now for a good while.

This past weekend also was our Monthly Ligonier Legion Wargaming Club Day!  It was a relaxed day of gaming with Age of Sigmar, Warhammer 40k, and some Flame of War as well.  I managed to get a game in with my friend Cole and his IDK and while I failed, for the second time ever, failed to succeed on a single Kraith roll!  However, my High Gladiatrix succeeded in her Killing Strong on his Eidolon so that was retribution well deserved!  Cole took the gam in the end, but I had a great time rolling dice with him for a few hours.

I also managed to get a game in with my friend Vince as well.  Not just any game mind you, but my 145 game with Daughter of Khaine and my 100th with the Kraith Subfaction!  Vince's Skaven took the day, but it feels good reaching this milestone and you can expect a blog post about it very soon!

It has been a solid week of Warhammer as usual and I am thrilled with seeing The Barn Owls Mordheim board reaching its final stages before some amazing Campaign Games can begin.  Hopefully, by next week, I will have some Horus Heresy updates for you all as well.  Be well, Happy Hobbying, and Stay Stormcast Strong!