Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Product Review: Mini Mag Trays (Part 2)

Hello Everyone!  Today I have a mid-week post for you all in the form of a Product Review.  Recently Mini Mag Tray reached out to me to review some of their newest products and if you are a long-time reader you will likely have seen the initial review I did for their products a while ago.  I loved their unique take on movement trays and how well they fit into the game of Age of Sigmar despite not being a game that needs movement trays.  I would suggest checking out that last review before diving into this one, but if you have then please carry on after the break below!

Mini Mag Trays at its core is a movement tray, but with a few key differences from what you might be used to seeing.  There is no lip on the edge to hold your models in the tray as this product requires magnets on your bases to be secured on the metal trays.  While this is one extra step it allows you to get true base to base contact with your models while they are still on the trays themselves and it makes an easy way to transport and deploy your armies without the models falling over as we are all accustomed to seeing with more traditional movement trays.

If you look closer at their latest product Mini Mag Trays has added an extended tab to their bases as an optional style to purchase.  I will caution that you should use a pair of pliers to bend these new tabs easily and cleanly as opposed to using your hands as the metal is a bit thicker than you might expect.  These tabs allow you to easily move your trays full of models across the board with one simple point of contact.  The lack of lip on these trays meant that before you had to move the trays by pushing the bases of your models, but not that is not the case and this simple addition makes the whole system much cleaner.

The 10-man unit trays with the tabs are my favorite for how I would run my Daughter of Khaine army and maximize my attacks, but there is a variety of shapes you can check out on their website.  The trays move effortlessly on the modern-day gaming mats and it isn't hard to pile in off the trays when the nitty gritty of combat begins to alter the shape of your unit as they engulf your enemies!  


Mini Mag Tray didn't want to leave their prior and loyal customers in the dark so they created these individual tabbed trays that, with a pre-attached magnet can convert your old trays to have these tabs while still allowing you to use the full space on the tray!  It's a quick and simple solution for the older version of the trays that I can highly recommend.  You can even get extra fancy and use them for your heroes as well for no other reason than because you can.

Overall the update to Mini Mag Trays is an absolute win overall for folks looking to get trays for the first time or who wish to upgrade their current version of their trays quickly and easily.  Be sure to check out their Twitter and Instagram as well as their Website to pick your own.

Happy Hobbying and stay Stormcast Strong!