Monday, November 21, 2022

Weekly Hobby Update 11.21.22

Happy Monday everyone!  As you read this I am flying home from the Warhammer US Open Grand Finale and Warhammer 40k Grand Narrative!  I didn't want to leave you all high and dry so while you wait for a full recap of the event itself here is the tiny bit of hobby I was able to accomplish before I headed off to the event last week!  Check it out after the break!

I only managed a tiny bit of hobby with the converting and painting of the free model I got from my Warhammer store this month.  I took the Luminth Sentinel I received and dove into my bits box to make a Battlemage to use for my Daughters of Khaine and Cities of Sigmar army.  I also added a new Hero to my Horus Heresy Dark Angel force with Marduk Sedras.  The model painted up quick and I am pleased to add him to the army.

I also managed to get a good bit of reading in with a Catachan-themed Warhammer Novel in order to prep for my role in the Grand Narrative.  More to come on that later, but I must say this book was a quick and exciting look into Catachans and how they fight compared to other forces of the Astra Millitarum.  Well worth a read!

I will catch up with you all later in the week, but for now, stay Stormcast Strong and Happy Hobbying!