Monday, December 19, 2022

Weekly Hobby Update 12.19.22

 Happy Monday and Happy Holidays everyone!  Christmas is less than a week away, but there was lots of hobby fun to be had over this past week and into this week as well.  From Events to secret Santa gift exchanges, as well as your standard usual hobby it was a fantastic week.  Check out more after the break, including what I received in my #HoHoHobbVices package that you see below!

Having sent out my #HoHoHobbyVices packages last week, and seeing it happily received by my recipient (who you can follow on Instagram here) I eagerly awaited the arrival of my package.  It wasn't long before the sender of my gifts got his parcel to my house.  In a fun twist, my sender (who you can follow on Twitter here) was also from the Pittsburgh, PA area so a good chance I will meet them personally in the future at one of our many gaming clubs and stores!

I had a small itch to start Fyreslayers a while ago and as such it was one of many items I mentioned on my form I filled out to my gift sender had an idea what might be a good gift(s).  They took this small bit of info and ran with it and I am pleased to have a great start to a Fyreslayers army going into the new year!  Thanks again for the lovely gift!

Fitness updates continue as another week of listing with my goof friend Aleks (@Fit_Hammer) was completed as we work through the program we created together.  I am feeling great as we go through this and having your friend to push you and you push them is only making us stronger.  Be sure to check out the program as it is released a overtime on my Instagram.

With the upcoming Tayrathi Classic happening this past weekend I wanted to paint up more Dark Elves to add to my growing force.  Having picked up the Kraeth's Broken Realms box set for Age of Sigmar I moved the entire box onto Square bases and painted them up so they can join my conquering of Ulthuan in The World That Was!

As mentioned above this past weekend was The Tayrathi Classic (formally The Tayrathi Invitational) 2022!  This year we had a twelve-person Warhammer Fantasy Battle 8th edition event!  We had fun days, amazing food, long nights of talking and hanging out, and gifts aplenty!  I plan to go into much more depth about the event on the podcast later this week and a companion blog post with lots of pictures shortly after!  For now here is a picture of the awards, a gift all players received from Tayrathi herself, and games from round one!

Have a great week out there everyone and be safe!  May your stocking be full of hobby goodness and your lives filled with love.  Stay Stormcast Strong and Happy Hobbying!

Merry Christmas all!

Chuck T. Moore