Monday, November 7, 2022

Weekly Hobby Update 11.7.22

 Happy Monday and Happy November everyone!  Another week has gone by and I feel as if I have had a ton of hobby and no hobby done during this past week.  First and foremost I was at the Warhammer US Open Kansas City TOing Age of Sigmar with the great and mighty James O'Brien and Jon Baramore as we wrapped up the US Open series for 2022.  There is still the Grand Finale to go, but it is always surreal to see this second year of US Opens come and go so quickly.  Head after the break to see more!

The Kansas City US Open went as smoothly as ever.  The AoS crowd was wonderful and the US Open team kept the ship running tight through the event.  It is always a pleasure to see old friends and make new ones along the way and follow the storied of all the armies as they battle against one another across The Mortal Realms.  While exhausting, it is an experience like no other to be part of running this event!  Despite a bit of con crud, I picked up I am very excited to head to the Finale in a bit over a week as well as see where the event will head to next season!

As a bonus bit of hobby I was able to play the Ringer for a round at the Open this time with the newly painted Stormcast Ringer Army I painted a while back for the event.  My opponent was Andrew and his lovingly painted Soulblight army!  Andrew really gave me a gift with the game as it had been over a month since I got a chance to play AoS and I came away enthused for the game once more and the urge to get more games in asap!

For my actual hobby update, I have acquired a selection of odds and ends to add to my various armies as we begin to round out the year.  With the thought of a new Napeoplonics army being started at the start of next year, I am going to enjoy the holidays with these small one-off projects that I can paint at my pleasure as opposed to a mad sprint to finish another army project.

I also signed up for this year's HoHoHobbyVices gift exchange as well!  I enjoyed it immensely last year and cannot wait to put together a package for my assigned person and see what my secret Santa will get me based on my input!

I hope you had a great week in Warhammer yourself and have some goodies on your desk, or on the way to your desk soon!  Until next week...

...Stay Stormcast Strong and Happy Hobbying!