Monday, October 31, 2022

Weekly Hobby Update 10.31.22

Hello Everyone!  It is time for my weekly hobby round up, but this time it is a bit shorter than usual due to my travels to the Warhammer US Open in Kansas City this past week.  As this post goes live I will be traveling back home from the event just in time to hand out candy for my towns Trick or Treat!  So happy Halloween and check out the hobby after the break!

So what hobby does one do after they complete and army and have plans to travel  so close together?  The answer for me was painting up a dozen Roman Calvary for my Warhammer Ancients army!  These older models are quick and fun to paint up and add some much-needed movement capabilities to my usually slow marching blocks of Roman Legionaries.  Hopefully I can get them don't he field sooner rather than later.

After the Romans I decided to paint another Roman in a bust of Julius Caesar that was gifted to me a while ago from my friend Martin.  I kept it simple and aimed for a marble effect in order to have a nice bust for my library shelves.  It is just contrast and drybrushing, but I found the effect fun to do for a solid and quick effect.  After the bust I build and primed a Scinari Cathallar for my Lumineth Realm Lords army, but it remains unpainted due to the travel and to leave me some hobby to return to after the event (assuming I don't buy anything during the trip).

As I said a short week of hobby, but there will be lots of fun soon as I recap the US Open - Kansas City in the coming week so stay tuned for all of that goodness int he coming days!

Stay Stormcast Strong and Happy Hobbying!