Monday, September 5, 2022

Weekly Hobby Update 9.5.22

 Hey Everyone!  Happy Labor Day to those in the U.S.A!  It has been another fun week full of Warhammer hobby from a new Age of Sigmar Army on my hobby desk to Warhammer Reveals at NOVA Open and even an over-the-top Mordheim project with my weekly club meet-up.  Check out everything after the break as always!

First up this week was building and priming a new Stormcast Eternals army!  The army will be used to create the ringer lists for The Warhammer US Open events in the future.  It is a great honor knowing my work on this army will see many future games of Warhammer for many years!  Hopefully, it will provide solid games and fun for those ringer games and maybe even the odd pickup games at The Warhammer US Opens.

During my weekly Wednesday Warhammer night, we took the time to watch the NOVA Open Reveals!  It was great to watch the reveal show live with friends while we all talked about the great new models and plans for the future of Warhammer.  I have to say I am tempted to pick up the Votann or Slaves To Darkness starter sets when they come out as I am a big fan of those collector-style starter boxes.  We will see if those feelings remain when they go up on preorder and if I am looking for a new hobby project.

While the reveals were happening my weekly Warhammer club also got back to work on our epic Mordheim board.  It will be a full nine 2'x2' boards packed with terrain for us to have many campaigns on in the near future.  The board is pretty much fully built and primed after this past week of work and just a bit of dry brushing to get it fully ready, but many hands make light work.  I cannot wait to use my Mordheim Warband I built recently with games among my friends in the city of Mordheim!

You might recall that I was sent a replacement and custom statue of Tayrathi recently as well as a few smaller scaled versions as well.  I decided to base one and paint it for use in my Daughters of Khaine army as well.  It was fun painting a 3D print model and seeing this custom Tayrathi model come to life.

I hope you had a productive week of hobby and if you attended NOVA Open you had an enjoyable weekend of gaming, hobby, and fun with friends.  See you next week and as always stay Stormcast Strong and Happy Hobbying!