Wednesday, October 5, 2022

The Kraith: One Hundred Games in Khaines Glory

Hello, my fellow Khainties!  Today's post is a bloody good one and is very close to my heart as it revolves around the best of the Daughters of Khaine subfactions, The Kraith!  Granted it is not the best in regards to doing well in a Grand Tournament, but if you love a small game of chance where your opponent is on the toes waiting to see the result then The Kraith is the place for you!  You may ask why I am writing about this specific topic due to my recent 100th game playing this very subfaction.  You read that right, 100 games with the Kraith ruleset across all versions of the Battletomes existence.  Head after the break to see more thoughts on this accomplishment!

What a journey it has been over the past four years!  In total, I have played 145 games with my beloved Daughters of Khaine.  Seven games as Hagg Nar, eight as Khailebron, nine as Draichi Ganeth, seven as Khelt Nar, eight as Zainthar Kai, six with no temple/pre temple, and One Hundred as The Kraith!  Before you ask, yes almost every single one of those game were led by my custom character Tayrathi!  She is now a true veteran within the realms in my mind and I doubt any would disagree with her after seeing her strong showing over the years in both lore and tabletop performance.

The 100th game itself was against my very good friend Vince V. and his dreaded Skaven!  There was no grand fanfare or aim other than to have a great game with a friend.  Mission was accomplished and some fun memories were created.  While I wish I could tell you I took the day I very much cannot as Skaven overran my army but after an early dry spell of rolling 3's for my Kraith roll more times in a row than I care to remember my girls finally kicked up the gear and I hit Kraith roll after Kraith roll to some great fun, but in the end not enough.  Even Tayrathi was attacked early on by an assassin and taken out of the game to begin rebuilding for the next game.  Regardless of the outcome I charged forward and fought frantically in Morathi-Khaine's name!  

So, why Kraith?  Why attach so deeply to one of the least competitive Subfactions for one of the stronger Battletomes over the years?  It is partly due to the love of being an underdog, and part of it is the love of that tense moment between both players during every Kraith roll to see if you get to fight one more time with a critical unit.  The fact that I rolled my very first Kraith roll successfully in my first game with the subfaction didn't hurt either.  Above you can see the last few Kraith rolls of my 100th game and I can assure you the joy I had rolling each and every one of them across the years has not diminished.  So, Why Kraith?  Because it is the type of fun that suits me best.

Where to next?  Clearly, I could keep playing The Kraith from now until judgment day, but after accomplishing this feat I feel I have earned a bit of a victory lap to truly explore the other subfactions.  This is partially an excuse to bring some filth to the table I must admit, but to truly know the army on the deepest level I must branch out a bit and continue looking at the other temples while also adding in some allies here and there to see how they might improve a list.  The addition of allies is always a great hobby project as well to make them look properly Khainite!

I have always wondered what Tayrathi, as a character, would look like if I had chosen another army for her to be part of in my Warhammer Journey.  I am really toying with the thought of a "What If" Style of lore pieces of Tayrathi as a Lumineth or Syvaneth all while continuing her true story as a High priestess of Morathi-Khaine.  All of this is to say that over the next year you will see plenty more Tayrathi lore!

There is no time to rest despite the many games played with The Kraith.  Morathi-Khaine demands more blood and prayers and she shall have her wish!  I hope you enjoyed this brief look at my little accomplishment and my rambling thoughts about it all.  If you are in the middle of your own similar feat I wish you the best on your journey, especially if it is in Khaines name!

Stay Stormcast Strong and Happy Hobbying!