Friday, August 26, 2022

Weekly Hobby Update 8.26.22

 Happy Friday Everyone!  It is time for another Weekly Hobby Update about my week in Warhammer.  As a quick heads up, I plan to move this regular post from Friday to Monday.  This move is twofold to allow my weekend gaming to be fresher in my head for some small write-ups and because The Strength Hammer Podcast is returning!  The reformatted Strength Hammer Podcast will be posted on Fridays starting later this very day so please look forward to it.  Until then enjoy the hobby update after the break.

As you saw above my Warhammer + Subscription model arrived!  While I am a Warhammer 40k player I tend to not use assassins so not sure exactly about the plan for this model, but it was way too cool to not have in the collection.  I also managed to finish the rebasing and flocking of my last two Warhammer Fantasy Armies.  My Dark Elves and Dwarfs are nicely refreshed for all my future Warhammer Fantasy gaming!

With the might rebasing task out of the way I finally was able to tackle some of my backlog for Warhammer Fantasy!  First up this week were plenty of High Elves to round out a few of my units such as Spearmen, Phoenix Guard, Sisters of Avelorn, Shadow Warriors, and some White Lions.  I was really pleased with how quickly these painted up and I credit it to a large amount of armour most of the models are wearing, but it did feel good using my modern painting skills on some of the first Warhammer Models I ever painted.

I also managed a fair number of WHFB games during this past week and despite not having the best performance I had a blast with every single one.  The first three games were at a local one-day tournament at The Fabricators Forge Gaming Club near Pittsburgh, PA.  It was a small turnout of four as the scene is just starting to grow again for the game.  We played a round-robin tournament to get three games in and despite my ending 0-3 record with my High Elves I did have three very fun games it was great to get a little event going for WHFB once again and I look forward more to come in the near future!  I didn't do this event as a separate blog post as I was not sure if folks here would like coverage of these smaller events or not.  So please let me know what you would like to see in the future (I could do a longer write-up to this event as well if you all wish)!

Having been focusing on reps with my High Elves the past few months I was eager to field one of my other armies after the event in Pittsburgh and my weekly Warhammer Club was happy to oblige me in another game so I could form my Dwarf Shield Wall!  In this game, my Dwarfs lined up on a hill and held strong to win the day as their cannons did their bloody work.

I hope you had a great week of Warhammer yourself and keep an eye out later today for the podcast release!  Stay Stormcast Strong and Happy Hobbying!