Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Army Lore: The Scions of Strength

 Hey Everyone!  I have yet another Army Lore post for you today!  This one is very special as it is for my very first Age of Sigmar Army which has had a bit of rebrand since their original lore was put out long ago.  Now dubbed The Scions of Strength they are led by not one, but two mighty heroes of The Mortal Realms!  Usually, I find a Pop Queen to represent the leader of my faction and while looking and asking others for input I stumbled upon an even better idea.  Having just finished painting a Knight-Draconis I decided to paint her up to represent my wonderful queen of a wife and after pulling out my favorite model in the Stormcast Range, and touching it up a bit, I also have myself finally represented on the table as a Lord-Castallent!  Halauren Stormblossom and Charliamh Brawnhammer have an eternal bond and will see Sigmar's foes vanquished across The Mortal Realms.  Only The Faithful!  As always Stay Stormcast Strong and Happy Hobbying!

     Rosaline nuzzled her head under the hand of Lord-Castellant Charliamh Brawnhammer as he surveyed the view of Azyrheim afforded to him from the halls of the Stormcast Eternals.  Mindlessly he began to pet his loyal Gryph-Hound on the head as his brow furrowed with some internal conflict.   

    “What troubles you this day Lord-Castellant?” said Halauren Stormblossom interrupting his internal debate.

    Charliamh’s face softened as he looked over at Knight-Draconis.  She was a close companion in both his prior life and his current one as a weapon of Sigmar and she held the ability to set him at ease.  “The Cult of Morathi-Khaine is what troubles me.  We fought alongside them, bled with them….made friendships with them…” he said as his hand strayed to touch to the Khainite dagger on his belt as if to glean some kind of insight to their attack on Anvilgard.  The dagger had been a gift from a Witch Aelf of the Tayrathian Cult during a campaign shared between the two armies.  He had forgotten her name since his last reforging, but her face and polite demeanor remained in his mind.

    Halauren noticed the unconscious tick to feel the dagger by Charliamh and spoke kindly, but clearly, “They chose their side and invaded a city of The God-King.  It is our duty to stand firm against any and all invaders are they friends or foes.  My Drake Lilis and I have slain many enemies in Sigmar’s name, Khainites included.  It is our duty to go where Sigmar demands.”

    Charliamh saw the truth in her words, but still had his reservations about declaring the entire sect enemies as Halauren had done long ago.  Hiding his deepest thoughts once more he put on a large smile once more he turned to his companion, grasping her on the shoulder.  “I stand with you and Sigmar’s Wisdom above all else my dearest friend.  Come let us go see where we are needed next in these realms.”

    He knew she saw right through his smile, but as she returned the gesture and placed her hand on his opposite shoulder he knew she would let him get away with it for today, but a time would come when the enemy would be at his doorstep and a choice would need to be made about the Daughters of Khaine.  One way or another and she trusted him to make the correct one.