Friday, August 12, 2022

Weekly Hobby Update - 8.12.22

 Hey Everyone!  Today marks the return of my Weekly Hobby Update where I take you through my week in Warhammer Hobby!  You can expect these hobby updates every Friday going forward in time to read through the post with your morning coffee.  This past week has been all about Warhammer Fantasy Battles as the old bug has bitten me and more than a few locals.  From touching up my old armies to some unexpected acquisitions.  My Daughters of Khaine, fresh off their hobby win last weekend, looked on all week as I played with square bases, as shown in the picture below. Check it out after the break!

My biggest hobby project over this past week centered around my first Warhammer love, High Elves.  As you might recall long ago I moved every single High Elf model to round bases to use in Age of Sigmar.  Shortly after they cut most of the lines and placed them into legends.  I did eventually shift them back onto square bases, but as you can imagine that took a toll on the flocking and crispness of my bases. I gave it my time and energy this week to refresh the flocking on every (fully painted) model and redo the brown rim paint to ensure it was uniform and fresh.  I am very happy to have my original High Elf army back to its full strength for upcoming gaming in The Old World!

High Elves were not the only models moving back onto square bases recently as I also took the extra Dark Elves and Wood Elves, that I did not carry into one of the many Age of Sigmar armies, back to their square roots.  While I haven't had a chance to put the flocking on this collection of models I am pleased to have them ready for some local games to mix up the variety on the table for my regular opponents.

To wrap up my week I got a nice lot of old Warhammer boxes to add to my hobby queue as well as help a few locals get a start on their first WHFB army.  A complete Island of Bood, Wood Elf Battalion Box, Glade Guard bits, and Forest Dragon kit! That's not all as some Tomb King Warriors and the limited edition Grumlock and Gazbag model from the Warhammer Online MMO Collectors Edition Box also made their way into my collection.  

Now buried deep in Old Hammer hobby I couldn't forget some other acquisitions I made over my break of all types of Elves that are now on my painting table getting ready to be added to my collections!  I am very much looking forward to how these old models take to my much-improved paint skills from when I last painted the models.

As you can see I have been busy, but productive with my hobby the past week.  I hope your hobby is flowing well and you have plenty planned for the days ahead!

As always stay Stormcast Strong and Happy Hobbying!