Monday, September 26, 2022

Weekly Hobby Update 9.26.22

Happy Monday everyone!  It has been another fantastic week of Warhammer with mostly Horus Heresy on my Hobby table, but a few side projects and more Mordheim board work also snuck their way in as well. I am incredibly excited to begin my 30k Dark Angel project, but keeping to my word I am not rushing it and making sure to take my time with each model and give them all the bits and bobs!  Jump after the break to see it all!

I have to say this Horus Heresy starter set is one of the best Warhammer Values I have seen in a long time!  This box was full of the huge hardback Core Rule set and more plastic than I thought possible to fit inside this box!  After carefully sorting every sprue into the various units as well as opening up the few extra Dark Angel units I picked up, including The Lion himself, I got to work building.

While starting a new army is always exciting I have to take a moment to stress that this box set is not beginner friendly.  The Spartan Tank was a bit rough to glue together in its final stages as you see below and the Space Marines themselves are in many more pieces that I would assume necessary.  However, despite the struggles, the models are absolutely beautiful and I can say that the pain is worth it in the end for a truly epic-looking 30k army.

My weekly club, The Barn Owls, is continuing our epic Mordheim build project this past week!  We managed to put the water effects and literally burn down part of the town.  I know these posts keep teasing the finale of the project, but soon I can show it off in full and I cannot wait to do so for you all!


I also decided to build a few of the side projects I recently acquired during a hobby day with a few great friends.  I do already have them primed and I might squeeze one or more in before fully diving in on my Horus Heresy army painting.  Considering I have no timeline for my 30k army side projects like these are free to jump up whenever the mood strikes!

I hope you had a great week full of gaming and hobby!  May this week bring you even more Warhammer goodness and until next time stay Stormcast Strong and Happy Hobbying!