Monday, October 10, 2022

Weekly Hobby Update 10.10.22

 Happy Monday everyone!  Another week has passed as Autumn's grip takes hold in my local area which means it's time to prime those models before winter!  Thankfully I didn't have much to build and prime this week, but I did need to get some pewter built while missing my friends and co-workers who were at the Warhammer US Open - Chicago.  Head after the break to see more as usual!

The little bit of priming I wanted to get done last week was a dozen Roman Calvary for Warhammer Ancients, but they had a bit of work in their building.  In order to get the spears in their hands, I had to use my trusty hand drill on their clenched fists.  I never had to drill pewter models before, but it was not as bad as I expected and went rather smoothly.  Having all the models built I did manage to get them primed (not pictured here) so it was a successful mini-project!

My prep for Napoleoonics at the start of next year continues as well with the gift of another book.  This time on the strategies of Napoleonic Warfare.  I was honored by this gift from my friend and FLGS owner Norm and after a few more hours of study I was finally able to settle on the Corp I plan to begin my campaign with for some Napeoploinc Wargames.  Third Corp led by Marshal Ney. 

My year-end Horus Heresy project also saw some solid progress over this past week as I work through the forty Tactical Marines from the box set.  I have most of the silver done on them all with simply the bolters and belt accessories left to detail out which should be an easy bit of work in the coming week and once these forty are done I will be well on my way to my end of November Deadline.

Speaking of ongoing projects.  I did manage one game this week with the new Mordheim board with my friend Tom who was helping reteach the rules for the upcoming campaign.  Hopefully, I can squeeze in another game or two on the next club day to really cement the rules in my head.

While I was not in attendance for the Warhammer US Open - Chicago I did do my part in shipping the Age of Sigmar Ringer Army I painted recently to the team.  While I would have preferred to have carried it personally there this was the only way to ensure it arrived in time for use at the event.  Thankfully, it shipped and arrived just fine and rather quickly!  If you got to see it at the event I hope you liked how it turned out!

I also received a mighty shipment that will be my part of the 2023 Warhammer US Open Prep project.  You can expect to see more of this in a few months as the next set of tables gets prepared by myself and the AoS Team for next year's events.

If you follow my social media then you also likely saw I was playing a lot of the Street Fighter 6 Closed Beta*.  I apologize for the non-Warhammer spam, but that game feels great and I enjoyed the beta immensely.  Also, keep an eye out for my appearance on Mr. Mephisto's "Mephtober Rantcast" episode I was on this past week once it drops on his YouTube!  

Stay Stormcast Strong and Happy Hobbying!


*A few screenshots from the closed Beta