Monday, November 14, 2022

Weekly Hobby Update 11.14.22

Happy Monday Everyone!  Another solid week of Warhammer has come and gone and as I prepare to head to the Warhammer Open Grand Finale and 40k Grand Narrative I wanted to give you the usual update on my week in the hobby of Warhammer!

The biggest hobby of the past week happened in a very short window as I decided to jump in on my local Warhammer stores Armies on Parade!  My recently painted Horus Heresy Dark Angels seemed like a good fit as I really wanted to show them off, but lacking any Horus Hershy events locally gave me few options to do so.  Thankfully my basing was simple for the army and I was able to knock out a simple display board in just about a day's time.  I went in with no expectations, but was pleased to have placed second in the category and only a few points shy of first place!  It was a great day chatting with local hobbyists and seeing all the great-looking armies!  

Outside of random display board builds I am continuing with my random small hobby projects as I finish out the year.  First up were some Lumineth models I wanted to add to my army for some time now.  I am very pleased with the end result and happy I can still paint this scheme without much issue.  I also completed a Stormstrike Chariot for my Stormcast Army.  After playing the ringer game at the recent US Open in Kansas City I fell in love with the model so I had to pick one up to add to my custom chamber asap!  Happy to also get some practice with sub-assembly along the way as I tend to build models completely before painting them which can be motivating to see, but challenging to paint well.

With my backlog getting light once more I decided to add another small project to the pile in the form of a Kill Team!  I am a fan of the Adepta Sororitas's recent update but have yet to commit to a full army of them and a Kill Team seems like a good compromise...I am hoping this doesn't awaken anything within me...

In the world of historical wargaming, I now have the first model for my upcoming Napoelonics army with Marshall Ney!  I am very excited to get this project started at the beginning of next year!  I also took this month's free model from my Warhammer Store and converted it into a Battlemage for Age of Sigmar and built yet another model for my Horus Heresy Dark Angel army!  

As I mentioned above I am headed off to the Warhammer US Open Grand Finale and 40k Grand Narrative!  I am very excited about this event and even picked up a book to help me prepare for my role in the Grand Narrative.  I am excited to tell you all more about it after the event!

Due to the travel and scheduling, you can expect a delay in the usual Hobby Update and Podcast for the coming week.  I might try to push through and stay on schedule, but if there is a delay have no fear as we will be back to our regular schedule the week after at the latest!