Sunday, February 21, 2016

Army Lore: The Reiksguard Eternals

For Empire! For Sigmar!

When Age of Sigmar released I knew I would be picking up the starter set.  Not for a love of either army (in fact I would trade the Bloodbound for some Dark Elf models), but to support the new game system.  What I did not expect was that I would begin to love the Stormcast models.  After listening to the audio dramas it gave me fresh insight and new appreciation to the army.

When deciding on how to paint my Stormcast I went with a theme I created back when Paint Hammer ran a painting competition using the free Stormcast that came with the White Dwarf at the time.  The Reiskguard were always an army I wish I had time and money to do.  The look and story behind them always captivated me.  Sadly the World would end and they would be no more?  Or maybe they would?  So for the competition I painted my Stormcast  in Reiksguard Red and White and used a few Empire bits I had.

My First Reiksguard Stormcast... (Lord Celestant)

After I picked up the starter set I let this idea take shape.  I didn't overload the army with Empire bits (in fact there are only a few models with anything directly tied to the Empire models), but I used a few kitbashed models as leaders and put the color scheme to work on the rest.  Below is the continuation of this idea.

                      Knight Vexillor                      Lord Relictor                          Knight Azyros

                   Lord Celestant on Dracoth                                                 Celestant-Prime

                            Prosecutors                                                                   Paladin Retributors


So there is the picture dump of my Army.  These models are great to build and paint and I intend to grow the force in the future.  However, I am currently working on my new Aelf Army for AoS so it may be some time (that and I have countless other projects I am on as well).  Hope you enjoy my take on the Stormcasts and I will leave you this week with the fluff I wrote up for this army.