Wednesday, July 6, 2016

2016 Summer Global Campaign Plans

The Season of War is almost upon us!

What a year we have had in the Age of Sigmar.  The End Times had come and gone while the remnants of our community clung together and shape our destiny with the new game we loved.  I want to applaud everyone who came through The End Times and stuck with Age of Sigmar particularly the community leaders (Dan Heelan, Wayne Kemp, Russ Veal, Dave Witek, Big Jim, and others I am sure I am missing).  This community focused and maintained course and now we are reaping the rewards!

Right now we have the opportunity to shape the story of our game through a month long Campaign (July 14th - August 14th).  I have the benefit of have 2 FLGS within a 10 minute drive of my house, but the AoS scene was on a life line.  One store supported it fully and so I supported them from Day 1 by buying the starter box and all the campaign books as they came out.  I ran events monthly for the few of us wanting AoS to be a success.  The second store pulled back as the local community reeled from the backlash caused by The End Times.  Their shelves usually reserved for Fantasy shrunk and other systems took over.  I still showed up and played an AoS game here and there to gauge interest and network to little effect and bought the odd AoS item here and there in hopes the community would grow.

I focused my efforts on my FLGS that supported the game and continued to bring in the new AoS models time and time again.  This paid off initially for our small group as Gamesworkshop gave us a nice bit of credit to use for scenery on our tables and some prizes for a small tournament.  I am proud to say we can easily fill 3-4 tables of nice Gamesworkshop Scenery Kits.  The event was small, but a success.

Now with the summer campaign kit out the continued efforts paid off once more as my supporting store got in the kit for the event and handed it to me to run as I see fit for the event.  I took the early copy of the Generals Handbook in hand (expect my review soon) and began to flesh out what we wil be doing and began my campaigning to get more players hooked to try the game out and be part of the story.  In a twist my second FLGS decided it was time to join in and also got a kit and are allowing me to run their event.  Last night I got the ball rolling by talking up the event, game, points system, and free swag being given out.  Long story short it worked and we have over 10 sign ups and models being sold at both locations.

It feels like a true David and Goliath story with this little community exploding into the big guy in town (knocking down x-wing, and 40k in my area at least for a bit it seems).  My efforts are now clear.  I need to run these events effectively and most of all do it in a way everyone has fun to keep the momentum going.  My little core group are ready for the next challenge of shaping our future community as we battle to shape the Story of Age of Sigmar.

Good luck with your events everyone and I encourage you all to keep it relaxed and open.  My events will allow large armies battling on the field to simple duels to help decide the fate.  We even have some people who just wish to paint to provide support to their chosen alliance.  All will be counted and recorded and the new players are chomping at the bit for the 14th to come.

The Realm of Ghyran is ready for War in earnest...and who will prevail in the coming war?  Only The Faithful!