Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Road to Adepticon 2017 : Part 1

We are less then three months away from Adepticon 2017 and I still feel as if I need more time.

This will be my first Adepticon and my first Wargaming convention.  I am very excited to finally participate and see what all the fun is about!  I have attending local tournaments and events and they have been enjoyable and well run, but I have a feeling they will not compare.  I am also excited to meet many people I know though the Twitter community Face to Face ( So please feel free to say Hi to me anytime!) and on top of that Games Workshop will be attending!

I have decided to participate in the 2 Day Age of Sigmar Championship and have worked out a few list options that I am play testing.  I have also discovered that I will need to paint a bit more than expected to run the lists I have created.  That is all before I touch up the previously painted models in the army.  I wanted to share my road to Adepticon by dedicating one post a month (of my new weekly format) to Practice Games, Painting and the like, but I will be holding my list back until the event.  Although after a few weeks of deciding on an Army I settled on Stormcast (as it has the least amount of prep work to get it ready) so my list should be pretty obvious...

A Combined Force of Bloodbound (Played by Tom) and Undead (Played by Frank) against my Stormcast (2Kpts)

This past weekend I began getting in as few practice games to test the list out and see what it can and cannot do.  I discovered that spreading out my force against undead is a very very bad idea.  This game also served as a farewell game to one of my fellow Wargamers Frank who is moving across state soon.  Hopefully it will not be the last time our forces do battle!

A small table game played against my friend Matt and his Duradins 2k (pts)

I was able to get another game int he following day against my good friend Matt.  Due to a busy day at our local Games Workshop we played on a 4x4 which only assisted in my now focused assault.  We had an enjoyable game nonetheless and Matt truly helped me prepare by doing mock scenarios of combats with alternate weapons and turn order to see how to (possibly) adjust my list.

6d3 Mortal wounds!!!

After a weekend full or tough battles and lessons learned I sat down to add some much needed power to my list as you see above.  I added a second StarSoul Mace to my already painted unit from the starter set as well as building another five Retributors.  After finding myself short of Starsoul Maces I converted a few up for my Protectors using the extra Decimator Axes heads and they turned out alright (they might get a bit of greenstuff).  I won't deny that I am bringing a Hard list that is very high up in the Meta, but I still have much to learn in how to use it before the Tournament and a fair bit of painting as well.  As I said I do not feel I have enough time, but I hear that is a typical problem for these large events and I am up for the challenge!

However, I am not without worries.  I am worried about being to serious about it all.  This game is fun and the community are a great bunch from what I have seen online.  I want to enjoy the games I play and I want my opponent to do the same.  What is better then getting to talk with someone with a mutual interest while enjoying said interest?  Not much.  I am fully aware that I am competitive and can get very focused when competing, but I want it to be about the fun while still aiming for the top.  I am keeping this in the front of my mind when practicing as well to help keep it as a priority.  

If you are going to Adepticon let me know as I would love to say hello ( I will have Yeungling Lager to share!).  If you care to share what you are doing for the event or what you might be bringing let me know in the comments.  Until next week Happy Hobbying!