Friday, April 14, 2017

Adepticon 2017 Age of Sigmar Championship

Hello everyone!  I wanted to take this week’s post to run down my games from The Age of Sigmar Championship that I participated in at Adepticon 2017 this year.

I decided to take the Stormcast Eternals to the event.  My intention was to take the Warrior Brotherhood, but after the changes that occurred in the new book, it simply wasn't a worthwhile option in my opinion.  With only a limited amount of time to adjust my list, I decided instead to use the Hammerstrike force. Because the Hammerstrike force acts similarly to the old Warrior Brotherhood, I decided to go with what I was more familiar with.  An added bonus was that it also meant I only had a few late painting nights to be prepared for Adepticon.  Now on to the games!

My List for the Event

Game 1 - Opponent: Steven, Army: Sylvaneth

Steven and I had a great game, despite my nerves at playing my first tournament game at Adepticon.  He made sure that we had a good time playing.  The game really had a back and forth sequence, with no one ever gaining the upper hand until the final turn.  In this first scenario, we were to fight over pieces of terrain each round in order to score points.  I decided to play very aggressively and kept him from ever leaving his deployment zone.  I was able to keep my objective secured, but due to how the scoring worked with battle line units versus non-battle line units, I was behind on points.  Sadly I was unable to kill off his Kurnoth Hunters quickly enough in the remaining rounds to prevent him from capturing his objective for one round giving him the win in the end.  I really enjoyed myself and Steven was a great opponent.  My only real criticism was his substitute GW forests.  He had cut the shape of the Citadel Wood on a Mousepad material and was using them for his forests.  It took a bit away from his army and since there were no trees in his forests or even circles to represent where the trees were supposed to be.  This really allowed him freedom of movement and line of sight that would have otherwise would have been obscured.  That said, I would happily play him again in the future if some more accurate representations for forests were used.

Game 2 - Opponent: Gabe, Army: Stormcast Eternals

Game 2 put me in a mirror match of sorts.  I have always had the Achilles heel of not being able to beat my own army, in a matter of speaking.  Gabe was still new to Age of Sigmar, but his commitment was obvious as he had an exceptionally painted Stormcast Army.  In this scenario, we were fighting over 4 objectives and we deployed spread out knowing we each had a Hammerstrike Alpha-Strike waiting in the wings.  He had the initiative which meant I had to blunt his spearhead.  He devastated my right flank with shooting and Paladins.  The survivability of my Concussors, and a few brave Judicators who punched above their weight class allowed me to essentially take his large paladin unit out of the game.   I targeted his flank in the opposite corner from his Alpha-Strike with my ten Retributors and deployed my Protectors on his other flank.  I was gambling here as my Prosecutors were killed off, but both units made clutch 9" charges to get me into combat and gain the upper hand.  With his Retributors essentially removed from the fight and mine cleaning up, I just had to stall his battleline with mine to claim victory, which I successfully accomplished.  Another great game under my belt and I went into game three 1 -1.

Game 3 - Opponent: Cody, Army: Sylvaneth

I went into game three feeling great and I met Cody at the table and felt a bit worried as I saw Sylvaenth yet again and I feared I would suffer the same fate as before.  The scenario involved waiting for meteors to arrive, so turn one went quickly, but we had traded some shots between our forces.  I had some lucky rolls on my part, as his dryads were removed entirely from the board.  Cody had deployed entirely in the center section which paid off for him as his meteor arrived in the center of his army, while mine fell to my left.  I was able to put a strong defense on my objective and I knew I had to break through his army to prevent him from scoring to try and take the win.  Once again I found my Prosecutors dead after turn one, but some great charge rolls from my Retributors, Concussors, and Lord Celestant on Dracoth allowed me to strike into the heart of his army and begin fighting toward his objective allowing me to prevent him from scoring for a few turns.  The game got very bloody and we were cheering each other on the whole time as we removed our toys.  I took off most of his force, but Allarielle wouldn't fall.  She remained steadfast to the end and even managed to kill off my General in the last round for a moral victory.  I took the game, but found a great opponent, and had one of the best games of Age of Sigmar I ever played.

Game 4 - Opponent: Gavin, Army: Flesh Eater Courts

Scenario four saw us fighting over multiple objectives once again, and I knew I was in trouble due to the lasting power of Flesh Eater Courts.  I went as aggressive as I could, and threw everything I could at his line.  He held on and began to regrow which put me on a back foot for the rest of the game.  I managed to throw some curve balls at him managing to keep the scenario to a draw.  In the end, though, he came out ahead on kill points which gave him the win.  Sadly, this was my least memorable game and it did not have anything to do with the army or how it was played.  My opponent didn't seem to want to participate in the game.  I tried cheering on his Zombie Dragon eating my Retributors, but was denied any response.  When I finally whittled down the monster, I was met with a grumble as he removed his model with irritation.  I felt this could have been a much more exciting game, but the social contract was not met, so I put my hopes on my last game being a more memorable ending to the event, win or lose.

Game 5 - Opponent: Peyton, Army: The Legion of Azgoth

Game five paid off as Peyton was my favorite opponent of the event.  He played exceptionally clean with his entire army and he was one of the finalists for painting which meant I got to play against one of the best painted armies I have ever seen.  The last scenario had us running for three objectives in the middle and holding onto them to score while keeping them away from the enemy.  We both went very aggressive and I managed an early lead.  However, the number of points you scored was based on the turn number so even with an early lead, it was anyone's game.  Peyton baited out my Alpha-Strike and kept my Paladins out for most of the game.  This was a bloody game like the others, but with some power stances and clutch rolls on defense and offense from both sides.  The game was thrilling all the way down to the end.  With each of us holding one objective elsewhere on the board, the game came down to my Lord-Celestant and lone Judicator Prime chasing down his General who held the third objective.  He had one wound and all I had to do was kill him to take the win.  I rolled max attacks for shooting and melee and Peyton stepped up and rolled every single save allowing him to retain the objective and win the game!  This was a thrilling and memorable end that I had hoped for in my final game.

Overall I really enjoyed the scenarios as well as the Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Objective system.  My only critique is the scenery needs and update.  It was clearly built for eighth edition fantasy and lacked Line of Sight blocking terrain.  Alex who T.O.'d the event has already acknowledged this and plans to correct the situation.  Alex put a lot of heart and effort into running a great event and from my perspective, I can say he succeeded!  I managed to place 44/104 in the end and scored well in Sportsmanship and much better in painting then I expected.  This has become a must-attend event for me yearly and I look forward to what next year will bring to the Age of Sigmar Championship!  Feel free to follow me on my Twitter so we can meet up next year if you are attending.

Until next week Happy Hobbying!

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