Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Weekly Hobby Update : 5-24-17

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Over the past week, I have finished all my terrain in preparation for my Coalescence event.  I have also been working up fun teasers for my event to hint at what my places could expect during as the narrative unfolds.  My Club also held a terrain build/repair day that I will dive into more detail during my Friday post.  I also received a nice surprise from a local commission painter and club member!

Teasers for my Coalescence Story!

A Club mate who goes by BrushForHire painted this up for me.

Finished all my personal terrain in preparation for Coalescence.

My Local club showed up and put in work!

Let me know what you have been working on and follow me on Twitter.  I have some travel coming up for work so the Travel Hobby will be in full force along with pictures from my travels.  See you with Fridays Post and Happy Hobbying!