Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Weekly Hobby Update : 7-19-17

Hey Everyone!  My Hobby is finally starting to gain some momentum.  Considering Nova Open is about five weeks away it is about time I try to kick it up a notch.  My recent vacation time has invigorated me to get back at it as well.  Spending a week away from my Hobby table was the best thing to refresh myself and make a push to finish my Blades of Khorne.

My Club held a Shadow Wars: Armageddon event this past weekend with the store kit and it was a fun and relaxed day despite there being prizes to go along with the event.  My Squad of Harlequins set out for Glory that day and did not disappoint. 

I came home with best overall as well as a second place award in painting.  It was a very fun day with five great opponents just rolling dice and having a laugh.

Recently my wife agreed to paint her first model, but she said it had to be an Aelf!  Austin from Shadowclaimer minis hooked me up with the model while I was at Adepticon.  If you haven't checked out his Live streams you should as he does great work!  She has always loved the lore of Warhammer Fantasy and her and I played the MMO quite extensively when it was up and running, but she never dove into the Hobby side of everything.  She still has washes and highlights, but she has grasped what took me years to learn pretty quickly.

My Wife wasn't the only one to get some paint flowing either.  I managed to take my primed Blakes of Khorne and begin layering on two thin coats of Ulthuan Grey.  It was maddening as it felt like I wasn't doing much at first, but after the second coat, it really began to smooth the models out.  Next up is some actual colors!

Hopefully, these close ups can help you see the difference between the Grey and White on the model.

I would love to see what is on your hobby table so feel free to hit me up on Twitter and be sure to come back Friday as I do another player Spotlight on a man after my own heart who is working on building a stronger community in my local area.  Happy Hobbying!