Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Weekly Hobby Update : 7-5-17

Hey Everyone!  The past few days for me have been full of Games of 40k, Age of Sigmar, and Skirmish.  On top of that, I managed to get some models primed and ready to begin painting.  Let us not forget that yesterday was The Release Anniversary of Age of Sigmar and if you're over in the States it was Independence day!

Another Year in and going strong!

Got a few games of #New40k in at the club meetup on Saturday and loving it

A friend who took a break when Age of Sigmar dropped got his first game in on Sunday (Welcome back Richie!)

I also got to play a game of Skirmish with my buddy Aleks.  My Orruks charged the field..and died to a man...WAAAGH!

Let me know what you are working on this week!  Feel free to follow my Hobby on Twitter and I will see you on Fridays Post!  Happy Hobbying!