Friday, August 11, 2017

Falling for Chaos : Part 2

Hey Everyone!  Today I wanted to talk about Khorne in a light not usually seen, but these parts of his persona were integral in my choosing to follow the Blood God over any other as I began my Fall to Chaos.  These character traits also helped in the choice of my color scheme choice of White and Gold across the army.

Everyone sees Khorne being all about Blood, Rage, and Skulls and while these are indeed part of who Khorne is he also represents Strength, Honor, Discipline, and a Motivation unsurpassed by other Chaos Gods.  Khorne is a warrior above all else and to be a warrior is to be steps away from being in his service.  A lot of these positive traits can be viewed in Hero's across the Mortal Realms, Sigmar, for example, could be seen as Khorne's mirror image, but with the control to not fall so far into the Rage that consumers The Blood God.

Khorne is about strength.  He doesn't even skip leg day at the gym!  Might of arms and the ability to kill any opponent you might face in hand to hand combat is his way and the way of those who follow him.  Using other means to kill such as a bow, poison, magic, or having others fight your battles is a good way to earn his ire.  We can all relate to wanting to be strong and wanting to be able to handle any situation we may encounter.  Being strong allows you to tackle things head on physically and anyone who goes to the gym on a regular basis enjoy pushing themselves to be stronger.  Khorne would be pleased.

You always know where you stand with Khorne, he hates you, but he might respect you if you share qualities with him, qualities of an Honorable Warrior.  He won't stab you in the back or use trickery to come after you.  You can be certain that if Khorne is after you, it will be on the field of battle with weapons in hand.  His honor will not allow him to kill you in any other way.  He wants you to put up a fight and is not opposed to Champion Duels to settle things.  He would rather see two champions fight to the death in an honorable duel instead of a watching an army slaughter the defenseless or cowardly.  If his champion wins then his strength and loyalty will be rewarded, but if his champion falls then he knows he was weak and not worthy of saying his name.  As I said you always know where you stand with Khorne.

In order to follow Khorne, you must be disciplined of mind and body.  While it is true the rage of his persona can ruin discipline among his followers that are only if his champions fail to maintain discipline.  Why are his Champions able to hold Discipline in an army of frenzy murders?  They are the most disciplined and examples of who Khorne is and what he represents.  This filters down and while the army appears to be screaming lunatics running across the board they are in fact a disciplined army using their straight forward martial tactics to win the day.  Sadly, Rage can cause this to break down from time to time, but the same can be true due to pride or the promise of power in other armies.

Khorne's followers, to me, are the more proactive and motivated bunch.  You don;t see them sitting around and waiting very often and if you do they are usually not happy about it.  The Chaos Gods are always ascending and descending, but you never really see Khorne stop and regroup.  He and his followers simply carry on killing as much as they can, even amongst themselves.  Nurgle is happy to wait for his time in the sun, Slaanesh will revel in excess to extremes, Tzeentch will play his grand game.  Khorne can receive the Death of a world as a gift and immediately go looking for more.  He is always pushing himself and his followers for more.  Khorne the Motivator!

So I have fallen to Chaos and I plan to enjoy it a bit, at least until the Aelves drag me back into the light.  I really look forward to finishing painting my army so I can get it on the board. I see a nobility in Khorne and that is what I am painting them with Whites and Golds as they are typical colors of purity.  I will focus on their noble aspects and I do enjoy the duality the colors are giving to the models.  Perhaps turning a blind eye to the rage and blood is proof of my fall?

I think I will end my Falling to Chaos series here as I don't know where else I could take it at the moment, but I hoped you enjoyed my insight on Khorne and my new found love of Chaos.  See you all next week, Happy Hobbying!