Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Hobby Tunes

Hey Everyone!  Nova Open is in full swing right now with live coverage from Warhammer TV as well as pictures all across Twitter so be sure to check out what is going on.  Today I wanted to discuss what I listen to while I am building or painting in at my Hobby Desk and what I have heard others do as well be it for background noise, a distraction, or a form of motivation while they are deep into the Hobby.  At the end, I added some playlists on some of my Hobby Music Playlists for you to judge and enjoy while you Hobby.

I also want to note that this post is partially inspired by Chris T. over at The Black Sun Weekly.  His love of music is very apparent and I often find new music and bands through his intro and outro music selections.

One of the best parts about our hobby is all the great contributors who put out great podcasts on a regular basis.  They can range in focus from Narrative, Competitive, to Hobby related shows.  I find podcasts an enjoyable way to pass the time Hobbying and it allows my mind to wander about the hobby without being too distracted from what I might be building or painting.  There is also a plethora of other podcasts outside the hobby as well worth checking out as well.

Audio Books:
Audio Books are another great option, but with a bit of a warning.  I have found that from time to time I am unable to concentrate on both and may find I missed a spot of detail on a model due to listening to an exciting part of an Audio Book or that I have no ideas what the last few minutes of the Audio Book were about due to concentrating on painting those eyes just right.  I tend to limit my Audio Book listening to when I am priming or color blocking models as it requires less of my concentration and is easily corrected if a mistake happens.

I have heard of hobbyist putting on a movie or favorite television show while Hobbying.  Sadly, this is one that doesn't work well for me outside of the odd sporting event, and even then I usually prefer the radio.  The visual addition of the media is far too distracting for me to concentrate on just the noise, but I can see the appeal in how it allows you to spend time with your family even when you Hobby.  Often times significant others enjoy watching some of the new Dramas on TV or watching something a bit more family friendly with the kids or even a Lets Play video on Youtube and with Time being limited this might be a good way to mix family and Hobby time.

The one caveat I have with this is Hobby Related Youtube Videos and Warhammer TV.  Often times the Youtube and Twitch channels related to our Hobby are themed to be more audible and as such I often Hobby while putting them on from time to time.

Internet Chat/ LiveGroup Hobby:
Either via Skype, Discord, Google Hangouts, or meeting up in person this is a very fun way to pass the time Hobbying, but it suffers from the same pitfalls that Audio Books do in my mind with wanting to concentrate on who is talking and your model at the same time can be a challenge.  However, the added benefit of talking with someone with similar interests and who can provide instant feedback to your work is invaluable and needed from time to time to prevent us from becoming shut ins.  I really enjoy doing simple bits of Hobby while doing this or working on a group project together.  If you ever see someone online wanting to Skype while Hobbying I suggest you jump in and enjoy the comradery.

Music is my personal favorite way to Hobby as it allows me really get lost in whatever songs are on while I put my full focus on my models.  Pandora is often a helpful tool in this as well as I can choose a genre and let it do the rest.  I will range from Classical to Trance, to Pop, to Rock, to really anything.  I hold a special place in my heart for Spanish Guitar for an unknown reason.  Music really helps me forget about everything but what I am working on at that moment and keeps me distract from how long I might be sitting in one spot.  If you haven't really put on some sweet Tunes and let the music flow I highly suggest you do and soon!

The last way I can think of to Hobby is in Silence.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with Silence and while it can be used for an entire Hobby session I prefer to let it dabble in any of the other listening options.  Chatting with a group is great, but sometimes a comfortable silence among friends all working on Hobby can be pleasant.  Even the greatest tunes can really get us going and a few minutes of silence is a nice way to recenter on what you are working on and maybe switch genres of music with a less jarring effect.  All in all, I don't enjoy long periods of Silence when Hobbying, but it is not something to avoid either.

Whatever media you pair your hobby with I hope you branch out and give something else a try.  If I missed anything, and I am sure I have, please let me know so I can try them out myself as well as anyone else looking to mix up their Hobby.  As promised you can see a few examples (but certainly not everything as it would be an entire post in itself) of what I listen to while hobbying.  Feel free to judge my tastes and until next week, Happy Hobbying!

Podcasts/Youtube/Twitch Channels:
Scruby & Wells
Mortal Realms
Warhammer Weekly
Tabletop Minions
The Black Sun
Bad Dice
Rolling Bad
Age of Sigbrah
Bravery One
The Independent Characters
Life After The Cover Save
Forge the Narrative
Dan Carlin's Hardcore History
Warhammer TV
AoS Shorts

Music Playlist for my Hobby:
Sadly I was unable to share my Pandora stations so here is a general run down of what I listen to while hobbying.
Modern Pop Music
Classical Music
Dance Music
"Irish Pub" Music
Heavy Metal
Classic Country
90's Music