Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Weekly Hobby Update : 10-11-17

Hey Everyone!  It has been a flurry of Hobby for me this past week as the approaching date for Armies on Parade draws near.  Thankfully taking a drybrush technique for the bulk of the army has paid off and I have turned out just over 1000pts for my display board as well as three Citadel Woods.  My Harvest Sylvaneth really came together quickly at a decent Tabletop Quality and I it was fun to use bright colors such as orange and yellow which I don't normally use while painting with any regularity.

I still need to base the army, but the basing will be similar to how I am making my display board so I will do that all of once instead of making two smaller batches of the basing texture paint.  There is quite a number of pictures below of the painted force.  I doubt I will get to it before Parade Day, but I do plan to add more to the army int he future to be able to field a fun 2000pt army with Alarielle at its head.

My Spite Revenants surprising became my favorite unit.  They were easy to paint up nicely and had more character than I originally thought.  I went bold with the choice of yellow, but I think it really paid off in the end and they really stand out in the army. 

While similar in some aspects to the Spite Revenants the weapon and the head difference really changed up the look and added much more to look at while painting the model.  I decided to do the standard ghostly weapon color for lack of any other idea and it really adds a cool color to the army that I am happy with, but I do need to go back eventually and add some edge highlights to these weapons.  If possible I will do it before Parade day.

I only have ten Dryads at the moment, but they were the quickest unit to paint up with dry brushing as expected so adding twenty more in the next few weeks isn't out of the question, but the display board will take priority in prep for Parade Day.

While looking at the army as a whole I would rather have some added range with my Kurnoth Hunters wielding bows, but I wanted to keep to the theme of Autumn Harvest so Scythes seemed more appropriate.

I had spare Dryads so I converted them up as a Branch Wych and a Branchwraith.  I do plan to buy the actual sculpts in the future and when I do these will become unit champions.

Long ago when I built some of this force as part of my Wood Elf army I wanted to see my Treeman wield a spear alongside all of his Elven allies.  The plus side is I could use him as a Spirit of Durthu or a Treelord Ancient in my future games.

Any Sylvaneth army isn't complete without a set of Sylvaneth Woods.  If you are wondering I did glue the trees down, but I positioned them to give as much clearance as possible to move through during gameplay.  After a brief look at these finish woods on my Display Board, they really become a focal point and add a nice frame to the army.

I was also able to get a 2000pt game in against a local clubmate Jason.  My Khorne versus his Nighthaunt Nighthaunt.  It was a bloody game and while Jason could have won the scenario by retreating he decided that going all in was a much more exciting way to play a friendly game.  It was bloody and Khorne reveled in the killing to take the win! Let me know if you are working on your display for Armies on Parade and I would love to see some work in progress as well.  Until Friday, Happy Hobbying!