Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Weekly Hobby Update : 10-18-17

Hey Everyone!  I wrapped up my Army and Display for the upcoming Armies on Parade coming up in a few weeks and decided to begin painting up a few extra models I had around instead of diving into another army right away.  Also with Shadespire out this weekend, I am working on my paint schemes for that as well.  I might stick with my current schemes as they are for my full armies, but an idea put out via the Shadespire Whatsapp chat by Ben Johnson was to paint two versions of your Shadespire force.  One standard and the other for when the models are inspired. I believe I am going to do this for at least one of the armies at the start of the upcoming Leagues I am running for the release of the game locally.

I have had this little guy since Adepticon 2017 where he came in my Swag Bag.  Being Halloween I decided now was a good time to paint him up for some fun.  Still more I plan to do on him this week.

I found five Bloodreavers in my bits bin and thought I might paint them up for some fun in a different color scheme then my White Khorne.  Although they might be paired with the Shadespire force to give me a full ten man unit I can treat as a regiment of renown for my army.  Also, I re-primed my Sayl, The Faithless to give him another go with a better paint scheme then I had a while back when I first attempted him with a quick and loose paint job.

I also got another game in at one of my FLGS with a club mate Jason.  We played Knife to the Heart at 1000pts and after a very bloody battle I took the win with my Khorne but had to retreat to hold an objective at the end.  I might have won the game, but I am pretty sure I displeased Khorne.

As I have said I have completed my Armies on Display entry for this year and while there might be a few tweaks here and there I am happy with how it came out.  I plan to go into a full post in the next week or so about the project and army about its completion so be sure to check back for that soon.  If you want an early look to follow me on Twitter as always.  Until Friday, Happy Hobbying!