Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Weekly Hobby Update : 10-25-17

Happy Wednesday everyone.  It has been an exciting few days with the release of Warhammer Underworlds Shadepsire this past Saturday and Twitter and Whatsapp have been full of wonderfully painted units from the game and some excellent conversions as well.  If you haven't picked up the game yet I highly recommend it and if you want to watch some games played to get a feel for it before dropping the cash there are plenty of videos on Youtube by various people going through games step by step.  There is also a few Facebook groups popping up now as well that are great to join to see peoples hobby and games played.

I also wish to give a shout out to Rhellion who is setting up streaming for games as well as the possibility of playing opponents using cameras and online streaming to bridge players together.  It promises to be exciting and I have been enjoying seeing his idea come to fruition.

Not only did Warhammer Underworlds Shadespire make its way to my hands, but a good friend of mine picked me a tool missing from my hobby desk, a wet palette as a surprise.  I won't lie I never got used to using one of these, but if I wish to improve my painting I need to make it a regular part of my hobby.

My good friend Aleks came over Friday night after I picked up my copy of Shadepsire to try it out with me.  I took Stormcast and he took Khorne.  After a short bit of building and grabbing some proxy Liberators, we dove in.  I have watched a fair number of playthroughs on Youtube and felt confident with playing straight away but felt we should go through the quickstart game first.  After a few confusing moments with the quick start we went for the full rules and after a few activations in the first game we had the basics down.  We need to remember Knockbacks better, but we played three solid rounds.

Aleks was a bit skeptical going into the games as you can see in the first picture, but by the end of game three he was a convert and excited to play more and get invested.  That look of his in the final image is deep thought on what army to play with next and in no way smugness in winning two of the three rounds against my Stormcast.  You can follow Aleks journey in his newest Blog on TGA here where you can see his view of the tables.

I decided to repaint my Sayl and Nightmaw this past week as I was very unhappy with my first attempts on them a month or so ago.  I kept Sayl neutral to any colors associated with the Chaos gods but kept to my White/Black theme matching my Khorne.  I am pleased with how he turned out although the cloak highlights could use more work if I am honest with myself.  Nightmaw received colors from all four Chaos gods although as it felt more right with the model.

With my Introductory/Demo leagues starting this week for Shadespire I didn't want to waste any time putting painted models on the table for the game.  The gameplay will sell itself, but having painted models will only encourage new people picking up the game to join in.  I decided to kitbash my models to keep the theme matching with my Stormcast Eternal Army and I am very happy with how they came out in the end.  Khorne is coming along, but have a fair bit of work to call them complete.

Finally this past weekend my friends and I headed off to a local farm to buy pumpkins for our Jack-o-lanterns during the Halloween season.  I give you Grek and Grog, the same Jack-o-lanterns I carve every year for tradition.  Don't forget Armies on Parade is happening this weekend and weekend for Age of Sigmar if you have a Warhammer or Games Workshop store nearby be sure to check it out.  My Friday post will be about my Entry for Armies on Parade and pictures of the finished army and board.  Until then, Happy Hobbying!