Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Weekly Hobby Update : 11-15-17

Hey Everyone.  I hope your hobby has been going well this past week.  Mine hasn't been as fruitful as I would like with painting and gaming, but despite that I have been busy building lists, reading through warscrolls, looking at points, and diving into some other community projects that have really taken center stage in my mind and hobby.

A visit to my local game store this past week did give me a chance to play a game of Shadespire.  It was the first time I was able to play Khorne and despite the learning curve I enjoyed their playstyle and I am going to focus on them for my next few games to get a good feel on how I want to build their deck.  I was also able to pick up the new Citadel Miniature Holder and despite never really buying into using cork or an old paint pot with some tack to hold models I must admit I really like the feel of this tool and plan to use it when painting Hero's and side projects.  If you haven't picked one up yet I recommend you do so as it feels great and is very affordable.

The small bit of painting was getting a bit more color on some Bloodreavers I have been slowly getting through.  I also started looking at painting the Dark Angels I rebased during the release of the latest edition of 40k.  I am not sure when I will dive fully into my 40k army as I have also begun collecting the models I need for my Adepticon Army and with the prospect of over one hundred models to paint in a few months, it might take priority on my desk.

My local club also hosted an Apocolypse game for 40k this past weekend and while I was unable to join in myself I was able to stop in to watch a round and see all the fun that was going on.  One thing I did realize after taking these pictures is that our club lacks chairs.  Thankfully everyone made due with what was around in the form of rocking chairs and wheelchairs.  Sadly no one utilized the baby high chair against the wall.

I am currently traveling for work down near Jacksonville Flordia and had a chance to pop into the local Games Workshop store.  The store was impressively large for the small one-man stores I have seen on my travels and while it isn't as large as a lot of FLGS's we have over in the U.S. the store could easily host multiple games comfortably.  Each table had great scenery and the store had a great atmosphere overall.  The manager was working away on trophies for an upcoming event and we had a great time talking about the hobby and our shared passion.  It was a great time and if I find myself back down here in the future I will be bringing an army to get a game or two at this shop.

I hope your hobby is going strong and if you are in a rut with painting like I am set a deadline to help build that urgency to push through it.  I plan to have my Bloodreavers done by weekes end and you can expect to see them painted in next weeks Hobby Update on Wednesday.  Friday I will be back with another installment of my Life Lessons and Wargaming series so be sure to check back then.  Until Friday, Happy Hobbying.